Tezos Until We Bezos: $260,000 in the Prize Pool, 1,125 Participants, 150 Teams, and Other Achievements of Tezos DeFi Hackathon 2022

Tezos Until We Bezos: $260,000 in the Prize Pool, 1,125 Participants, 150 Teams, and Other Achievements of Tezos DeFi Hackathon 2022

On February 1, we opened Tezos DeFi Hackathon 2022 on the YouTube channel of the largest Russian-language cryptocurrency and blockchain media, ForkLog. The video was viewed by 3,000 people in a few days. This is our third hackathon, which is also the largest one we’ve ever organised. On February 3, the final phase of registration ended, so we would like to share the impressive results with you.

Here, we share the interim achievements of Tezos DeFi Hackathon 2022: a record number of participants, new mentors and challenges, a huge prize fund, and the opening ceremony at ForkLog.

$260,000 in the Prize Pool, 1,125 Participants, and 150 Teams

The Tezos DeFi Hackathon 2022 had 1,125 registered participants who formed 150 teams.

We had planned 10 challenges: no more than 3 teams per challenge and 2 challenges per team. But the number of participants was higher than we expected, so we made sure there were enough prizes for everyone.

First of all, we held three meetups with the participants and carefully studied their expectations. It was important for them to keep the opportunity to participate in the hackathon. We contacted our partners, got 6 more challenges and increased the prize pool to $260,000:

  • Portfolio manager from Baking Bad.
  • DeFi dashboards from TritliTech.
  • A tool for the creation of arbitration bots from TriliTech.
  • Tokensale balancer from Mavryk.
  • A bridge between Everscale and Tezos from Broxus.
  • Wallet management debot from Ever Surf.

Second, we adjusted the rules: up to 10 teams work on one challenge, and only one team can go for one challenge

Third, 19 new mentors joined us:

  • Ilya Rogov is a technical mentor and Software Engineer at Everscale. He will help with the challenges from Broxus and Ever Surf;
  • Ivan Kotelnikov is the Technical Mentor from Everscale Community with 7 years experience in backend and 4 years in blockchain development. He will help with the challenges from Broxus and Ever Surf;
  • Lev Gorodetskiy is a technical mentor from Baking Bad. He develops the DipDup protocol and will help the participants understand it;
  • Valerie Kuzmenko is a product and project manager experienced in building strategies and pitching products. She has 10 years of experience in marketing and sales in the IT industry as well as 2 years of experience as a mentor;
  • Volodymyr Kolomiiets has several years of experience in crypto-media and in product and project management. He got into cryptocurrency in 2018 and “came to the hackathon to hang out with crypto people, lead the team to victory and expand his knowledge of Tezos.”
  • Gleb Raskin has 15 years of experience in product management and marketing. He works with Silicon Valley startups. Since 2016 he has been running crowdsales, helping to launch many crypto projects from neobanks to NFT marketplaces. He came to the hackathon to share his experience and find potential partners;
  • Igor Bulyga has 8 years of experience in iOS development as well as launching and managing his own startup. He came to the hackathon to meet new people and get a mentorship experience;
  • Igor Pertsiya works in investment. He is the former Chief Business Developer Officer at CEX.io and partner at TAVENTURES. His motivation is to share experiences and invest in interesting teams;
  • Nata Drik is the CEO of Blockchain Ukraine Association experienced in project management and concept architecture. She came to the hackathon because she likes developing the community and meeting new people;
  • Sergey Skabelkin has vast experience in fintech, DeFi, and mobile banking as the owner of fintech product. He helped launch the Datarius crypto-bank. He came to the hackathon to meet new people and learn about projects;
  • Artem Azarov is a product and project manager with 3.5 years of experience in commercial projects. He first came across cryptocurrency in 2017 and seeks to meet new people on the hackathon;
  • Vasilii Kulesh is experienced in launching a cryptocurrency exchanger and interacting with the regulators in Belarus. He has been working with cryptocurrency for four years, with his motivation at the hackathon being to share his experience and look at the cryptocurrency ecosystem from a different standpoint;
  • Kirill Beregovsky works in mobile development and is launching his own startup. He knows how to manage processes and large teams. He has a theoretical grasp of blockchain and wants to meet cool developers at the hackathon;
  • Kristina Kubayati has 3 years of experience in IT as a project manager and 2 years as a marketing expert in cryptocurrency projects. Her motivation at the hackathon is about networking and getting the very experience of participating in a hackathon;
  • Polina Presich has 4 years of experience in product marketing at Mail.ru, Megafon and Google. She specializes in building marketing and product strategies and wants to share her experience with the participants;
  • Roman Sobko has 8 years of experience in marketing as team lead and CMO. He was helping projects to make it to the ICO, investing in cryptocurrencies and working with DeFi. Roman wants to find new partners to build strong projects;
  • Stanislav Basko has been in IT for 7 years, and managed his own company for 4 years. He is able to pitch projects and manage teams; he launched the blockchain association “Distributed Ledger Technologies”. He came to the hackathon to learn about technological trends and find interesting projects.
  • Stas Parshin is CEO and cofounder of Alisa.ua. He has 5 years of experience in crypto, knows how to set up business process, manage marketing and finances. He wants to use his experience in crypto projects and to meet new people.

Team mentor Stepan Lapshinov has yet to talk about himself.

On February 3, the participants chose their challenges. The teams took the most popular challenges in 2-3 minutes: a random number generator game from Ubinetic and a win-win lottery from Quipuswap.

Participants have already met their team mentors, and on February 7 they will hold their first calls and share their progress.

3,000 People Viewed the Opening Ceremony

On February 1, we opened the hackathon with a big broadcast on ForkLog’s YouTube channel: the organizers talked about Tezos and the hackathon, the partners presented their challenges, and technical mentors conducted workshops. The broadcast lasted 5 hours and 3,000 people watched the record over several days.

The ceremony kicked off with presentations:

At the end of each presentation, participants asked questions. Here are the answers to the most important ones:

Project evaluation. Tezos Ukraine cannot influence evaluations. The partners evaluate the solutions according to the description of the challenge, and an independent jury looks at the technical quality of the implementation and product development strategy.

Prizes. The winners receive their prizes within 14 days after the end of the hackathon: tez from the independent jury and project tokens from the partners. For example, the prize fund of Kolibri DAO is 9001 kUSD stabelcoins (OVER 9000!) and 741 kDAO, which are management tokens worth $1.6 each at the time of writing. That adds up to more than $10,000. All partner tokens are liquid and tradable on Tezos decentralized exchanges.

Grants. Usually to get a grant, a team has to present a project to the Tezos Foundation, pass a security check, fill out some forms, and wait for a decision. But Tezos Foundation representatives want to meet the winners of Tezos DeFi Hackathon 2022 in person.

Challenge assistance. Partners come to the hackathon’s Slack, answer the participants’ questions, and give hints. This is useful if you need to get documentation on an internal product or solve a specific problem using best practices.

Technical Mentors Held Workshops for Blockchain Developers

Technical mentors held 4 workshops for the participants during the opening ceremony.

Partners from the Ecosystem Support the Hackathon

The registration is closed, participants are working, and we’ll keep you posted on their progress.

Once again, we would love to thank all the partners of Tezos DeFi Hackathon 2022 for making it all possible.

Agile Ventures, Baking Bad, Broxus, Crunchy, Ever Surf, Flame DeFi, Juster, Kolibri, Mavryk, Madfish Solutions, Plenty, Quipuswap, Salsa DAO, Tezos Domains, Tezos Foundation, Tezotopia, TrilliTech, Ubinetc, Youves, thank you all!

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