The First Eastern European Tezos Hackathon

06.09.2019 00:00, Kyiv

For the first time in Eastern Europe, the Hackathon related to the Tezos ecosystem took part in Kyiv, 6-8 September 2019.

Developers, entrepreneurs, and blockchain enthusiasts from all around the world to connect with each other, learn new ways to apply Tezos technology, and address specific problems that will allow the platform to grow more effectively.

The first day was dedicated to workshops where you can learn valuable information regarding Tezos technology, non-fungible tokens, and best development practices on this platform.

The Hackathon itself started on the second day of the event, where development teams were assigned a task related to the non-fungible token (NFT) standard of the Tezos platform.

Teams consisting of developers, designers, managers, and other professionals had 24 hours to build their projects, present them to an independent jury and compete for the money prizes.

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