Workshop on Smart Contract Development With Tezos

11.02.2021 19:00, ForkLog's YouTube Channel (https://bit.ly/3rBSOL)

We started the workshop with a welcoming speech from the founders of Tezos Ukraine Sergey Vasilchuk and Mihai Tsybulyak. They talked about Tezos Ukraine’s goals and announced Tezos DeFi Hackathon.

Mikhail Degtyarev, a course lecturer and blockchain developer at Attic Lab, spoke at the workshop. He summarized the objectives and content of the course.

After the presentation, we moved on to the Q&A contest and practical assignments.

Hosts answered users’ questions from our Telegram group. We received questions from 34 users, 15 of them filled out an obligatory Google form. And out of these 15 users, we selected 5 winners of the Q&A contest: @Kitty_XXX, @polmarks, @TimeOfMen, @DanGodovan, @cryptomanass. They received 15 tez each (≈ $68).

That’s not all. We’re excited about the community’s interest in Tezos. And decided to reward all users who asked questions and thus the remaining 29 participants received 8.1 tez each (≈ $37).

In the meantime, the developers were carrying out an assignment from Mikhail: they had to create a smart contract in the Delphi testnet, conduct a test transaction with a call the SendRequest method, and upload the smart contract code to GitHub or GitLab.

4 users have submitted tasks. We chose 3 winners: @Aaaaaasaaaaaaaaaa, @pepelxD, @mak0v. They received 80 tez each (≈ $365):

Transparency is everything, so we have prepared a table with the bidders.

Thank you all for your participation! See you at the Tezos DeFi Hackathon. 🙂

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