In July 2020, The first Tezos Hub in Eastern Europe began its operation in Kyiv.

09.07.2020 00:00, Kyiv UNIT. City

Tezos Hub is the center of the Tezos ecosystem in Ukraine, a creative space created to attract and develop innovative ideas related to Tezos. Tezos Hub is ready to unite both long-time and loyal aficionado of Tezos blockchain technology and become a basic platform for acquaintance with technology and ecosystem for beginners. At Tezos Hub, we are happy to meet both experienced development teams and newbie enthusiasts, help them integrate into the ecosystem, support their ideas, contribute to their development and growth.

Each and every Tezos Hub visitor will be able to get answers to questions about Tezos, information about existing resources, projects, upcoming events in the community. The Hub is designed to unite like-minded people, potential partners, develop ideas, search for ways of their implementation, introduce new solutions to overcome challenges existing in modern society.

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