Development of the Tezos Ecosystem in Eastern Europe

30.06.2020 19:00, ZOOM

On June 30, 2020, at 19:00, Tezos Ukraine and Baking Bad held an online meeting on the topic: “Development of the Tezos Ecosystem in Eastern Europe”

During the event, the speakers shared their experience of ecosystem development, areas of application of technology and opportunities that exist in society today.

The language of the meeting was Russian

Baking Bad is one of the most active development teams in the Tezos ecosystem, author of projects such as Baking Bad Staking Auditor, TzKT Explorer, smart contractor columnist Better Call Dev, Atomex – wallet and DEX on the atomic swap.

Tezos Ukraine is a non-governmental organization working on the development of the Tezos ecosystem through educational, informational and research programs. Implements a number of projects in partnership with business and government, including: TezTracker, Tezos Giga Node.


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