“Introduction to Tezos” Webinar and AMA Session

05.11.2020 18:00

The webinar based on the ‘Introduction to Tezos’ online training course was held by the Tezos Ukraine team on November 5, 6 PM EEST.

During the webinar, participants had the opportunity to discuss the information presented in the ‘Introduction to Tezos’ course with its authors and founders, as well as ask questions of interest, exchange opinions, discuss plans and prospects for the development of the technology.

Moreover, webinar participants haв an opportunity to test their knowledge using the online test system developed by the Tezos Ukraine team, specifically to assess the knowledge of the training program students. The online test included questions, which may be answered by learning the course materials.

The most attentive listeners, so to say the A-plus students, who were the first to answer all the questions correctly, received “excellent marks” in the form of a monetary reward in XTZ to their wallets.

The webinar was held in Russian and Ukrainian.

It was a great opportunity to gain additional knowledge and earn some XTZ.

For all questions regarding the training course or the webinar, please contact us on Telegram..

Or you may take a look at the recordings:


Mihai Tsybuliak Mihai Tsybuliak

Mihai – Co-founder of Tezos Ukraine, entrepreneur, founder of Trident Energy. He also founded Bake’n’Rolls a Tezos Delegation Service. Being a long-standing Tezos community member since the fundraiser, Mihai is actively taking part in building and expanding the Tezos community globally. In Tezos Ukraine, Mihai will be responsible for strategic planning, overall project management, evaluation of the achieved results, and control of the use of funds.

Sergey Vasylchuk Sergey Vasylchuk

Sergey – Co-founder of Tezos Ukraine, software engineer, with 15 years of experience, founder of blockchain IT company and has dozens of implemented projects around the world. Sergey was the author of an idea and a partner in the National Bank of Ukraine project on tokenization of the national currency of Ukraine. Within Tezos Ukraine, Sergey’s role will be to develop and coordinate a business strategy.

Vit Parkhomenko Vit Parkhomenko

Vit worked as a BA for big enterprise projects providing support and expertise from the discovery phase to successful completion. Has extensive knowledge of Business Analysis, Customer Relations and Project Management.

Mikhail Degtyarev Mikhail Degtyarev

Mikhail, an engineer and developer who extensively uses Blockchain technology during his professional career. For 3 years, Mikhail has been cooperating with Blockchain projects, as an expert and developer, and has been monitoring innovations and updates in this area. He actively participates in the development of the Tezos community as a technical expert and developer.

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