Smart Contract Development on the Tezos Blockchain Platform

The free online course about smart contract development on the Tezos blockchain platform.

The course is a great choice for everyone interested in the operation of blockchain and smart contracts. In order to comprehend it completely, though, a JS or Python development experience is advisable. Smart contracts will be written in high-level languages like LIGO (Pascal) and SmartPy (Python), while examples using Ligo (Pascal) and Truffle (JS) will be employed in the lectures.

The course consists of four video lessons:

  1. Introduction, Michelson Language, Tools Setup and First Contract Creation.
  2. How to create a multisignature smart contracts on Tezos.
  3. How to create Oracle and Vesting contracts.
  4. Creating your own token on the Tezos network.

The course is hosted by Mikhail Degtiarev, the blockchain developer at Attic Lab. He has been involved in blockchain projects for three years and develops software solutions, including block explorer for Tezos blockchain, TezTracker.com.