Introduction to Tezos

We are glad to present “Introducing Tezos” – an overview training course on Tezos blockchain and ecosystem.

The course consists of 5 lessons, each of which covers one of the technology areas:

I. Introduction

  1. Blockchain. Main provisions
  2. Tezos and its history
  3. Tezos Foundation, main teams
  4. Ecosystem, governance, voting, grants
  5. Protocol, shell
  6. Smart contracts, Michelson

II. Economic Protocol

  1. General information
  2. Transaction types
  3. Consensus and protocol
  4. Gas / Fee / Burn

III. Tezos CLI

  1. Deploy Nodes
  2. Wallets / Baking / Delegating

IV. Smart contracts

  1. Ligo
  2. SmartPy

V. Useful resources

  1. Tezos documentation and technical platforms
  2. Libraries, languages and tooling
  3. Community and Foundations


Introduction to Tezos

Lesson 5

Useful resources

Lesson # 5 is the final one of the course. This part provides a list of useful resources and links.
 These resources will help you further explore the Tezos ecosystem and learn more about its technical capabilities. Resources are separate into three main parts:

– Tezos documentation and technical platforms

– Libraries, languages, and tooling

– Community and Foundations

Please note that while the list contains most of the resources to get you started, it is far from being complete. You can deep dive into the community to find out more.

Tezos documentation and technical platforms: 

  1. Tezos documentation 
  2. Tezos developers portal  
  3. Tezos stackexchange, the best place to ask technical questions
  4. Tezos developers chat on Telegram  
  5. Tezos blockchain daily snapshots 
  6. Medium channel from TQ Tezos
  7. TQ Tezos github, a lot of new tools for developing SC on Tezos
  8. TQ Tezos Tezos wiki
  9. TQ Tezos Digital Assets introduction
  10. Tezos Interoperability Proposals

Libraries, languages and tooling: 

  1. Conseil. A query API for the Tezos blockchain 
  2. Taquito the most powerful JS tool to interact with Tezos
  3. Golang library, Go Tezos 
  4. Python library, pyTezos 
  5. Net Standard 2.0 library for working with Tezos 
  6. Swift SDK 
  7. SmartPy language, official website with docs, examples and web IDE
  8. Ligo web IDE, official ligo docs and web IDE
  9. Michelson web IDE 
  10. BetterCallDev, Tezos smart contract explorer 

Community and Foundations

  1. Tezos foundation website
  2. TQ Tezos website 
  3. Tezos Commons website
  4. Nomadic Labs website
  5. TezosHelp, a website providing the fullest information on everything Tezos-related 
  6. Tezos Agora, the main Tezos forum and a tool for tracking onchain governance 

We would like to thank everyone for taking this course and hope this is useful to you. If you have any ideas or suggestions on improving the course or would like to see a particular subject highlighted in the future, just drop us a line at or join our Telegram  

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