Introduction to Tezos

We are glad to present “Introducing Tezos” – an overview training course on Tezos blockchain and ecosystem.

The course consists of 5 lessons, each of which covers one of the technology areas:

I. Introduction

  1. Blockchain. Main provisions
  2. Tezos and its history
  3. Tezos Foundation, main teams
  4. Ecosystem, governance, voting, grants
  5. Protocol, shell
  6. Smart contracts, Michelson

II. Economic Protocol

  1. General information
  2. Transaction types
  3. Consensus and protocol
  4. Gas / Fee / Burn

III. Tezos CLI

  1. Deploy Nodes
  2. Wallets / Baking / Delegating

IV. Smart contracts

  1. Ligo
  2. SmartPy

V. Useful resources

  1. Tezos documentation and technical platforms
  2. Libraries, languages and tooling
  3. Community and Foundations