Who to Follow on Twitter to Be the First to Know All Tezos News?

Who to Follow on Twitter to Be the First to Know All Tezos News?

If you just type #Tezos into a Twitter search, you will only find the NFT shill. You need to subscribe to the most important accounts to find something interesting.

We’ve compiled a list of Twitter accounts that are always posting something interesting and relevant. The list is far from complete, so be sure to check out what other accounts there are.

News, Announcements, Events

Tezos is the main ecosystem account. There you’ll find announcements of development partnerships and events: workshops, hackathons, meet-ups, and incubators. You’ll also find a lot about NFT, like offline fairs and event announcements.

Subscribe to Trilitech to learn all the interesting stuff about games, cool NFT collections, and Tezos events.

Tezos Announcements posts, as you may have guessed, announcements for all new products, apps, partnerships, and exciting events straight from the teams.

Tezos Commons posts news and announcements about development and offline events. This organization also often interviews developers and sometimes reposts inspiring posts from community members.

XTZ News is the fastest news on the Tezos ecosystem. Learn the news from different regions, read interviews with celebrities, and be the first to hear about new project launches.

Tezos Ukraine—well, that’s us. We report in detail on everything interesting that is happening in the ecosystem. We hope you are already subscribed!

Development on Tezos

Marigold is the team developing the Tezos protocol and Tezos’ most important scaling project, the Deku L2 sidechain. Don’t know what Deku is? Read about a full-fledged GameBoy emulator on a sidechain.

Nomadic Labs is the core developer of the protocol. Subscribe to get updates about their technology, key security, encryption, and Octez implementation updates.

Oxhead Alpha are developers focused on improving the protocol and working with nodes. A useful account for bakers.

Baking Bad is the team behind TzKT and BetterCallDev, as well as the DipDup framework and DEX aggregator 3route.io. A huge part of Tezos’ dApps work thanks to their products.

LigoLANG is an account of LIGO language developers for writing smart contracts in Tezos. By the way, it was LIGO that we used in our course on smart contracts development.

SmartPy is a team of the eponymous language for writing smart contracts.

DeFi and Finance

MadFish Solutions made the decentralized exchange QuipuSwap, the Temple Wallet, and the decentralized loan service Yupana.finance. Subscribe to them and their product accounts, so you don’t miss out on updates and weekly stats.

Youves is the creator of uUSD (a synthetic stablecoin) and uBTC (a synthetic bitcoin), the ecosystem around the YOU token, a dozen low-slippage stableswaps, and some of the most profitable farms. Publishes platform statistics and details of new offerings at DAO every week.

Plenty is a popular DeFi ecosystem with lots of stableswaps, farms, and staking, and most importantly, a bridge to move popular assets from Ethereum and Polygon to Tezos and back again. By the way, Plenty is about to morph into plenty.network and get even better for liquidity providers and traders, so be sure to sign up, so you don’t miss out.

Genius Contracts is the team that made the SalsaDAO ecosystem: DEX SpicySwap with limit orders, NFT collections with staking, Gaming Hall and Matter DeFi farms. Genius Contracts is now working on the next generation of NFTs with on-chain storage of constantly changing artifacts. Check out the Timekeepers collection, an NFT clock that shows real time.

Smartlink is the creator of the first marketplace on Tezos, where you can buy real things, from Porche to trainers, for tez and other ecosystem tokens. Find out about updates and recent conferences with developers.

NFT and Art

objkt.com is the most popular NFT marketplace on Tezos. Publishes promos for new collections, selected artists, and updates on the marketplace itself. It’s the best account for finding cool NFTs.

fxhash is the most popular marketplace account with generative art. Everything you see on fxhash is made in code. The account has a lot of announcements about shows and events, marketplace updates, and posts by talented generative artists.

8bidou is for you if you like pixel art. In that case, you’ll find a lot of interesting works in 8×8 and 24×24 resolutions.

FxhashSalesBot is a bot that tracks the most expensive NFT sales. It’s interesting to see how much collectors are willing to give for digital art.

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