What kinds of projects are missing from Tezos? Let’s see!

What kinds of projects are missing from Tezos? Let’s see!

After the market crashed and FTX went bankrupt, 13,000 new accounts suddenly appeared on Tezos. It turns out someone had just generated them.

And yet, if users from other chains come to Tezos, what will they be missing in our ecosystem? Let’s find out.

What Others Have that Tezos Lacks

Tezos has the foundation: DEX, its stabelcoins, real flash loans on QuipuSwap, and futures and other derivatives are coming soon. We also have a well-developed NFT niche and a lot of incredible artists (see our latest review). But we have studied other chains and realized that some projects on Tezos are still in the development or prototype stage.


Controversial but popular projects. The capitalization of the Decentraland MANA token alone is almost $900 million — and this is with only 67 users per week!

But there are metaverses on Tezos: tz1and and protoworld. Both metaverses looklike Minecraft, but designed for creating 3D objects and displaying NFTs.

There is also SalsaDAO.io planned to launch: with the sale of land, the construction of application-buildings with their own use cases, commissions and other attributes of the real world.

Why then did we put the metaverses on the list of projects that allegedly do not exist? Because we learned about tz1and and protoworld from subscribers, not from Google, social networks or Tezos Projects. They need more advertisement!

Decentralized Communication

Cryptocurrency has decentralized finance, art, and voting, but not social media. Enthusiasts still communicate on centralized platforms with censorship.

Tezos already has the rudiments of social networks: the messenger Tezos Degen Club with NFT messaging and the decentralized chat room quilt where messages are recorded in the IPFS.

But a much better idea is a trollbox like the ones found on centralized exchanges so that users of the same project can more or less anonymously discuss the latest events or spam in a chat room with history storage on-chain or in the IPFS. And even if you have to pay 0.01 tez for each message, it’s still better than $8 per tick.

Advanced NFT

We love generative art and hand-drawn Tezos collections, but NFT standards can be expanded.

For example, the RMRK team is experimenting with embedded NFTs. It looks like this: the user buys a naked NFT skeleton, and puts NFT items on it, which are displayed on the main NFT skeleton.

Tezos has something better: the SalsaDAO team has developed a way to store a tokenized object on-chain and still change it over time. The Timekeepers collection uses it to show the current time on the clock, taking into account the time zone of the token owner.

In theory, the new standard from SalsaDAO could be used for a new type of NFTs. For example, you could sell all-white surprise tokens on which the image would appear for a month. Or create NFTs that display the exchange rate or other data about Tezos in real-time.

Automated Farming

Tezos has many DeFi projects with farms and savings accounts but no universal dashboard. That is, you can’t look at all farms in one place, filter them by token, compare returns and automate reinvestment of profits.

Could this be the reason for the low TVL? Memorizing all the farms you need and manually checking them one by one is, at the very least, incredibly tedious.

General Token Tracker

Every DeFi project has its own token: QUIPU, SMAK, YOU, PLENTY (soon to be PLY!), sDAO, and others. But do you know how much they are worth now and where to see the price? Coingecko only has some of them, plus you can’t filter tokens by the Tezos blockchain there.

The lack of a Coingecko counterpart leads to two consequences:

  • newcomers to the ecosystem don’t know what tokens even exist and whether they are trustworthy;
  • experienced users buy tokens to lock them into farms rather than actively trade them.

Yes, QuipuSwap has an analytics page with prices, volumes, and liquidity. But it only shows the statistics of QuipuSwap itself, not the ecosystem as a whole.

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