What Is Bloometa and How Will It Impact Games on Tezos

What Is Bloometa and How Will It Impact Games on Tezos

Multiplayer games are often based on the concept of “better.” You should play better than the others, own better objects, and look better than your adversaries.

Games, however, have a problem: there is hardly a place where you can freely trade objects. Blockchain games try to solve this with NFTs, yet the results are not very convenient for players. Or at least they have been so until now. Because now there is Bloometa.

What Bloometa Is After

The team has tackled the main problem of blockchain games and in-game NFT trading: the fact that it is unorganized. For example, on Tezos, game tokens are always sold first on the projects’ internal marketplaces, and then players resell them on objkt.com.

It’s hard for new players to understand what’s going on: is it just a jpg or a character, how much the token is really worth, and whether it will have value. Also, the usual NFT marketplaces don’t allow you to rent tokens, communicate with sellers, or even filter game tokens by anything but the collection name. The interface is also confusing and discouraging to the newbies with all those mint, list, mime type, and attributes.

The Bloometa team’s goal is to develop a specialized multichain marketplace for in-game NFTs that would solve all the problems and unite web3 gamers into a community.

Key Features of Bloometa

Curation. The selection of projects is necessary to ensure that players only get access to the best games and do not sponsor scammers or unreliable teams. Game developers will have another channel to attract users, as it is the players actually interested in Web3 who will use Bloometa.

Multichain. Bloometa will support NFTs on Tezos and several other EVM blockchains. Such a solution has three advantages:

  • Gamers will unite on one platform;
  • It will be easier for new quality games to reach the audience;
  • Developers will be able to release NFTs on multiple blockchains at once, which is a kind of cross-platforming.

Bloometa plans to launch a cross-chain bridge for NFT to take full advantage of its multichain capabilities.

OTC trading. Current NFT marketplaces do not allow NFT trading directly or exchanging tokens as seen in centralized multiplayer games. Bloometa wants to make an escrow module to enable players to sell NFT to whitelisted addresses for any assets supported by the marketplace. The escrow will support complex transactions like a review period (deposit collateral, try an item out, and then return it or pay), the simultaneous purchase of NFTs for multiple addresses, or exchanging digital assets directly between users.

Launchpad. As it is players interested in Web3 that will gather at Bloometa, game developers will be able to raise money for game development through the release of exclusive NFT collections and in-game resources.

$BLOO. $BLOO is Bloometa’s utility token. The Whitepaper suggests that its holders and delegators will have discounts on the platform’s fees, participate in curating projects, vote for the platform’s evolution to DAO, and get early access to the launchpad.

Conclusions and Expectations

Bloometa’s direct impact on web3 gaming is gamers’ aggregation, cross-chain trading of NFTs, and customizable OTC transactions. But the launch of Bloometa could indirectly affect the entire blockchain industry.

Firstly, it will be easier for ordinary users to find new blockchain games. Right now we only find out about new games on Tezos on Twitter by accident or in some chat rooms. It would be much more convenient to see a list of projects in one place and choose a game to suit your taste.

Secondly, Bloometa could become the infrastructure for creating a cross-chain universe. The platform would support different blockchains and a cross-chain bridge, so why not add 3D avatars and a voice chat? We hope someone will do so.

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