Tezos Ukraine Launches Free Smart Contract Development Course

We are launching the free online course Smart Contract Development on the Tezos Blockchain Platform consisting of four video lessons. Following the course, we will hold a workshop with a competitive task and a hackathon to put the newly acquired knowledge to practice.

The course is a great choice for everyone interested in the operation of blockchain and smart contracts. In order to comprehend it completely, though, a JS or Python development experience is advisable. Smart contracts will be written in high-level languages like LIGO (Pascal) and SmartPy (Python), while examples using Ligo (Pascal) and Truffle (JS) will be employed in the lectures.

The course is hosted by Mikhail Degtiarev, the blockchain developer at Attic Lab. He has been involved in blockchain projects for three years and develops software solutions, including block explorer for Tezos blockchain, TezTracker.com.

The first lesson already available

The first video has Mikhail talk about the structure of the programming language Michelson, showcase development tools, and publish a test smart contract on the Tezos network.

The lesson is available in English, Russian, and Ukrainian.

In later lectures, Mikhail will be explaining how to create multi-signature smart contracts, use Oracle and Vesting contracts, and launch your own tokens on the Tezos blockchain.

500 XTZ for interesting questions and solving problems

After the fourth lesson is published, we will hold a workshop with the prize fund of 500 XTZ ($1,225 as of press time). There, you will have a chance to ask Mikhail your questions and execute a practical task. Those who ask the best questions and those who solved the problem correctly or before anyone else will be rewarded.

After the workshop, we will hold a hackathon to develop smart contracts on the Tezos blockchain. The time and date of the workshop and the hackathon will be revealed once the fourth lesson becomes available.

Other educational courses from Tezos Ukraine

Last September, we published the course Introduction Tezos which covered the concept of blockchain and the transactions supported by Tezos protocol, talked about bakers, and discussed the difference between Tezos and other blockchains.

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