Tezos Ukraine 2020 Year-in-review

Tezos Ukraine 2020 Year-in-review

By sheer coincidence, Tezos Ukraine was officially founded at the beginning of 2020, a year that taught us to wear masks and keep distance.

While we were busy accepting congratulations and discussing our ambitious plans at the official Tezos Ukraine incorporation day, our team could not have even thought that just a few weeks the whole world would be on the brink of a new reality that would change the way we live forever. Tezos Ukraine team gathered together to see the outgoing year off and to draw conclusions from such a challenging and at the same time, such a fruitful year for all of us.

Instead of the Tezos Hub where we planned to hold most of our events, instead of the classrooms where we should have had our educational courses, the developer workspaces where we should have tested our new knowledge, we gathered in front of our laptop screens, which throughout 2020 served as portals to the outer world. The pandemic has changed our plans, but it didn’t stop us; conversely, it encouraged us to reconsider our potential, optimise our resources, and test out new toolkits.

By now, we understand that it is easier to discuss crucial and intriguing topics with the community and participate in international events hosted by leading experts without even leaving our homes. We’ve found that online education has its own benefits and saves our time, furthermore due to pandemic, we know that social media is an unlimited resource that erases boundaries and distances.

We have made a great effort to find new opportunities in a new world, and we are convinced that we have succeeded. Throughout the year Tezos Ukraine team simultaneously operated in several key aspects which enable us to support community development, popularization of the Tezos blockchain, as well as the implementation of the technology in its possible spheres of application.

Within the year 2020, Tezos Ukraine team in cooperation with partners from Tezos community successfully implemented:

3 online meetups devoted to Tezos blockchain and Tezos community: Grants experienceStrategy of Tezos UkraineDevelopment of Tezos ecosystem in Eastern Europe, which were attended by more than 70 people.

The first Tezos Hub in Eastern Europe was established and became a space for discussing creative ideas and projects based on Tezos Blockchain.

Tezos Ukraine team became an active member of the UNIT.City community. UNIT.City, the first Ukrainian technopark, brought together more than 150 innovative Ukrainian and foreign companies, provided them with the infrastructure necessary for progress and growth, fostered the development of cooperation and partnership among the residents. Tezos Ukraine team representatives have repeatedly participated in the traditional for UNIT.City “introduction launch”, themed quests, awareness sessions and red-blooded parties with the residents of UNIT.City.

Our representatives have participated in the training held by our Paris partners — Normadic Labs, which was devoted to the development of Tezos blockchain technology.

The Tezos Ukraine team became the author of the “Introduction to Tezos” training course, which includes 5 basic lessons, each dedicated to one of the most urgent topics, from the course authors’ perspective, which explains the essence of Tezos blockchain. Each lesson is divided into theoretical and practical parts (the practical part is presented by examples of program code used under one or other situations described in the lesson).

Initially, the training course has been created for developers who want to improve their knowledge by means of learning new technologies in the blockchain realm. The material is presented as video tutorials, with three language versions (Ukrainian, Russian and English). Video lessons are available on the Tezos Ukraine website, in the “Education” section, as well as on the Tezos Ukraine YouTube channel.

Based on the course results, both webinar and AMA session was conducted, and participants had the opportunity to test their knowledge via the online testing system, developed by Tezos Ukraine team specifically to assess the knowledge of the educational program trainees. Participants who were the first to provide correct answers to all questions received “excellent marks” as a reward in XTZ on their e-wallets.

Tezos Ukraine team, in cooperation with OKEx and Trust Wallet held 2 AMA sessions, providing answers to the questions about Tezos, enhancing the awareness of Tezos blockchain and contributing to the community development.

Tezos Ukraine, as a partner, contributed a lot to the launch of products, including Giga Node and TezTracker, designed to increase the sustainability of Tezos network and make the technology more user-friendly.

On a regular basis, the Tezos Ukraine team translates technical documentation about Tezos blockchain into Russian and Ukrainian. On our website under section “Resources“ you could find subsections such as Tezos Wiki and Digital Assets translated both in Russian and Ukrainian, these are translated materials of TQ Tezos, available in the English version on their website.

  • Tezos Wiki is the place to start learning about Tezos. It aims to answer frequently asked questions about the Tezos protocol and the ecosystem in general.

Our team constantly tracks updates and announcements of new products and informs the community through social networks, dedicated Telegram channels and the Tezos Ukraine website. We publish regular updates on Tezos community news, features, plans and perspectives. Under this initiative, we have translated and published more than 140 articles in various language versions.

Interviews with experts and weekly news recaps of significant community events have become a tradition.

A special and significant part of our work deals with interaction with state structures, intending to discuss the possibility of applying Tezos blockchain in their activity as well as developing products capable of improving and enhancing their performance. Among the area of this project is cooperation with the National Bank of Ukraine in a framework of a pilot project — CBDC — establishing of a national digital currency. Tezos Ukraine team participated in the international conference dedicated to CBDC, which took place in Kyiv, February 2020. Furthermore, after numerous researches, our team prepared a set of proposals that were submitted to the Central Bank of Ukraine for further consideration to be used by the working group responsible for the CBDC establishment. We are exchanging experiences and information with foreign teams and central banks of other countries that are working on CBDC.

Nevertheless, Tezos Ukraine is not going to stop at this point and is preparing to introduce new events and educational material to the community this year as well as make some New Year surprises at the beginning of next year.

Tezos Ukraine team is being prepared to proactively enter the new 2021 year, taking with us experience, valuable developments, friends, and partners from 2020 and continues to be open to everything new, promising, and engaging. Follow our social media channels, our website, and our Telegram channels.

Tezos Ukraine team wishes Tezos community a great Holiday Season! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Bless you, all!


“Introduction to Tezos” Webinar and AMA Session

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