5 NFT on Tezos That Appreciated Fivefold

5 NFT on Tezos That Appreciated Fivefold

Enthusiasts buy NFTs to reward the artist, brag about it in front of other collectors, or profit from reselling. The latter option works best with major collections as there are many tokens that can be equally popular.

In this post, we’ll talk about NFT collections on Tezos that get more expensive as we speak: a monthly publication for demons, movie clouds, voxel planets, hell gangs, and randomly common skeletons.

Disclaimer: This post is not investment advice or trading guidelines. Tezos Ukraine is not liable for your investment decisions. Never invest more than you can afford to lose.

Demons Monthly

The artist Varrogan draws animated covers for the Demons magazine. Dark colours, succubus advertising, and horny horoscopes, all for your pleasure.

So far, there have been nine editions with the press run of dozens. The latest covers go for 1 tez while the first ones now cost 6 tez or more. If Varrogan keeps it going, the first NFTs can grow even more. Visit the author’s page at hic et nunc, it’s better to see for yourself.

Movie Clouds

There’s always that scene where characters look upwards and start reading images into clouds. If you have ever happened to see a Pikachu or Daft Punk up in the sky, Kumulus is for you.

Kumulus is an NFT project advertising power-effective PoS blockchains. The project’s participants have hand-drawn 5,000 clouds and sent 30% of the minting amount to Clean Water. Prices currently vary from 2 to 100 tez.

Voxel Planets

Back in 1980, US resident Dennis Hope proclaimed the Moon his property and started selling land plots earning $11m over thirty years. Presidents Bush, Carter, and Reagan are among his clients. Unlike him, Planetz sells entire planets: those suitable for life, gas giants with rings, hollow ones, those looking like space gum, or surrounded by moons.

Planetz consist of voxels and revolve using looped animation. There is 5k overall, and 4,162 of them have already been minted by the writing time. Each costs 15 tez. Right now, they are not on any marketplace as Planetz work on launching their own secondary market together with tzPunks. Considering the punks are traded at 2000 tez while their minting costs 50 tez, planets may appreciate the same way.

Hell’s Gang

Doomgang is a collection of hand-drawn devils, zombies, robots, space aliens, and a cactus. The author regularly auctions new NFTs at relatively low prices like 10 or 20 tez. On the secondary market of the objkt marketplace, Doomgang goes for 100 tez or even more.

Randomly Common Skeletons

It’s just skeletons holding regular things sitting under raining broccolis, toads, and other random objects.

John Karel, the author of randomly common skeles, has modelled 8,000 unique attributes, which is more than there are tokens in some collections. In order to somehow limit the final number of tokens, he opened minting just for 24 hours. Over that time, collectors created 37k unique tokens. Unlike other generative collections, this one is really unique in terms of combinations. It influenced the price: while minting cost 5 tez, most skeletons cost 10 to 1,600 tez on objkt.

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