Tezos Monthly: Technology, Economy, and Community in September ‘21

Tezos Monthly: Technology, Economy, and Community in September ‘21

Tezos at its highest since 2019, a stress test for Hangzhou, Tezos Ukraine’s blockchain development course for newbies, and other Tezos news in our monthly digest.

In our monthly digest of the Tezos world, we share the news of technology, economy, and community.


Network Metrics

Here are some stats for the Tezos network according to TzKT.io:

  • the number of transactions went up by 48%: from 6.068 to 9.015m;
  • the monthly volume of transactions went up by 34%: from 798m tez to 1.073bn tez;
  • the number of active addresses decreased by 30%: from 224k to 292k;

Tezos users have set a new record for calling smart contracts: according to BetterCallDev, there were 5,813,984 contract calls in September, which is 77% more than a month earlier.

Technology News

The community has proposed the eighth protocol update titled Hangzhou. Tezos will soon feature a decentralised Michelson library, more reliable view functions, Timelock primitives, and a cache for frequently used contracts. Find out more in our Hangzhou review.

Shortly after the announcement of Hangzhou, the Nomadic Labs team released the new version of the node Octez v11.0~rc1 for Hangzhounet where Timelock is already active. The community immediately proceeded with stress-testing the node at 5 transactions per second. Now you can feast your eyes on multicoloured transactions in real-time at tzflow.com.

For Developers

Baking Bad devs have released DipDup V3, a framework for the development of selective indexers for DApps on Tezos. The new version supports hooks and offers greater overall stability.

Tezos Ukraine and the biggest Russian-language cryptocurrency media outlet ForkLog have published an online course on blockchain development on Tezos for newbies. The course includes theory, such as LIGO syntax and smart contract basics, and practice, such as contract publishing, interacting with the network via Taquito and creating FA1.2 and FA2 tokens.


Market Metrics

The price of tez has gained 52% and peaked at $9.12, the highest it got since 2018. The historic maximum of tez price remains at $10.60. Meanwhile, the daily turnover has gone up by 32%, from $400m to $620m a day. The 24h trading volume peaked at $2.95bn.

Ecosystem News

The token Plenty is now listed on CoinMarketCap, Coingecko, and Bitforex. Check out our article to find out more about Tezos-based tokens on centralised services and the vicissitudes of listing.

Belgium-based consulting company Block0 has become a corporate Tezos baker. The company develops decentralised control and accountancy solutions for the power industry, logistics, and IT. The company’s spokesperson claims that Tezos-based solutions in those areas can be interesting to major players in Belgium.

Arab Bank Switzerland announced it would integrate XTZ into its platform for institutional players. It will enable companies to trade and stake tez on a custodial service.

Tezzardz, of course! Those effing lizards have become one of the most successful NFT collections on Tezos.


Tezos Commons announced August’s winners of Tezos Community Rewards. The best meme of the month has a nice ass(et).

Meanwhile, Tezos Info on Twitter has compiled the ecosystem’s principal map. And, lo and behold, Tezos Ukraine is also there!

Analyst BowTied Bull explained why Tezos is worth buying through the comparison with Ethereum. According to the analyst, Tezos is better than Ethereum in everything but price, noting the key features of the protocol like power-efficient blockchain, baking, and community governance.

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