Tezos Monthly: Technology, Economy, and Community in October ‘21

Tezos Monthly: Technology, Economy, and Community in October ‘21

Tezos Ukraine’s workshop on smart contract testing, OpenTezos knowledge base, new synthetic assets and DAOs, Grammy Awards’ NFT on OneOf and other Tezos news.

In our monthly digest from the world of Tezos, we share the news of technology, economy, and community.


Network Metrics

Here’s how the Tezos network worked according to TzKT.io:

  • the number of transactions went down by 18%, from 9.015m to 7.348m;
  • the monthly volume of transactions went down by 28%, from 1.073bn to 771bn tez;
  • the number of active addresses shrunk by 5%: from 292k to 278k;

Tezos users couldn’t break September’s record for the number of smart contract calls, yet it remains high. As per BetterCallDev, there were 4,720,205 smart contract calls, which is 18% less than in September.

Technology News

The Marigold team has fixed the bug in View functions in the proposed Hangzhou update. Before that, the Michelson interpreter changed certain constants when calling those functions but failed to restore them once the contract was executed. As a result, the contract could create a transaction with an incorrect sender address or the number of tokens to be transacted. You can find out more in Marigold’s blog.

The developers of Nomadic Labs have released Octes v10.3, which includes the optimised format for blockchain storage, a 2x accelerated import and export of snapshots, as well as a new system for connection to RPC. Node owners will have to set up the ACL for safe work themselves.

Resources for Devs

Co-founders of Tezos joined forces with Baking Bad to hold a workshop on testing smart contracts and creating interfaces, and on October 29th, the three winners shared the prize pool of $1,500 in tez. Find more details on the Tezos Ukraine website.

The Baking Bad team added the option to import the data from Temple, Kukai, Atomex, and other Tezos-based wallets, to Netezos, a cross-platform SDK for the Tezos network that uses the .NET platform.

The devs from OCTO Technology have compiled OpenTezos, a knowledge base on the protocol operation, baking, and smart contract development with examples, as well as links to tools and other useful things.


Market Metrics

Unfortunately, the tez price failed to update its absolute maximum dating back to 2017 when it reached $10.60. On October 4th, however, it got as close as ever to it reaching $9.12. By late October, though, it dropped by 30% to the level of $6.30. Meanwhile, the daily turnover shrunk by 60%, from %620m to $240.

Ecosystem News

The developers of Bender Labs and Plenty have announced ctez, a synthetic tez. Users deposit regular tez into ovens and choose a baker to delegate them to. In exchange, they get the same amount of ctez they can use in DeFi projects on Tezos.

Meanwhile, SalsaDAO devs launched a decentralised exchange called SpicySwap where they use another synthetic asset WTZ instead of tez. One can issue it on Crunchy. For more details, you can check out or SpicySwap review.

Another corporate baker joined the Tezos network, AOI & PARTNERS based in Luxembourg. The company’s spokespersons called the decision a pragmatic illustration of sound investment. Check out the announcement on the Nomadic Labs website.

DeFi project Youves put its first amendment up for voting, the introduction of a new asset called uDEFI. If the YOU holders accept the proposal, users will be able to issue uDEFI collateralised by the stablecoin uUSD.


Tezos Commons have announced the September winners of Tezos Community Rewards. The best meme predicts Tezos price.

McLaren released an NFT collection called McLaren Racing Collective on Tezos. Users can collect car parts like wheels or spoilers to build a full 3D model of an F1 racing car. The first one to build it will win a prepaid journey to the 2022 Grand Prix.

Meanwhile, the Recording Academy (those guys who give out Grammies) partnered with the OneOf marketplace. For the next 3 years, the Academy will release tokens commemorating the annual Grammy awards on OneOf, according to Billboard.

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