Tezos Monthly: Technology, Economy, and Community in November ‘21

Tezos Monthly: Technology, Economy, and Community in November ‘21

Hangzhou protocol adoption, nodes and API updated, new listings, Tezos in top-10 most popular coins, 5k NFTs from Mike Shinoda, and other Tezos news in the monthly digest of the Tezos world.

News of technology, economy, and community, all in one place.


Network Metrics

Tezos stats as per TzKT.io:

  • the number of transactions went up by 7%: from 7.348m to 7.880m;
  • the monthly transaction volume went down by 4%: from 771m to 735m tez;
  • the number of active addresses went down by 7%: from 278k to 257k.

September remains unbeaten in terms of smart contract calls. According to BetterCallDev, there were only 5.170m smart contract calls.

At the same time, developers became more active: there were 7,556 contracts deployed on the mainnet versus 4,587 back in October.

Technology News

Important: on December 3, Tezos activates the Hangzhou protocol. The network may remain inaccessible until nodes switch to the new database format.

The Nomadic Labs team has released OcTez v11.0, a Tezos node version for Hangzhou. It uses OPam 4.12.1 instead of 4.09.1 and requires one to create a new opam switch to install it. Find out more on Tezos Gitlab.

TzStats devs have updated the API to v11. It now features interfaces for on-chain views, global constants, and timelock primitives.

Resources for devs

Nomadic Labs have announced the launch of Idiazabalnet, a testnet on the Tenderbake consensus algorithm. Its main advantage over Emmy* is the deterministic finalisation of transactions. Check out our shark explanation and the guidelines on Tezos Agora.

Turns out, test tez from tzalpha don’t work on Hangzhounet and Idiazabalnet. Accounts and tokens for new testnets are therefore available at testnets.xyz.


Market Metrics

In November, the XTZ price went down by 13%, from $6.25 to $5.43. It peaked, however, at $6.84 on November 5, and hit its lowest at $4.38 on November 28. Meanwhile, the daily volume reduced by 20%, from $240m to $189 over 24h.

Ecosystem News

The crypto-lending service Celsius network has added Tezos on the platform. The users now can deposit it at 4.25% per annum or loan stablecoins at 1% APY with tez as collateral.

Over 100k times Tezos users installed Temple Wallet, 50% of installations happened sometime within the last three months. According to the stats on the active accounts, Temple is used by half of all Tezos holders.

Tezos ended up being the sixth most socially active tokens overall according to Lunacrush. Only Bitcoin, Ethereum, and meme tokens proved to be more popular.

The developer of Tezotopia, gif.games, have shown the preview of their battle arena.

Sign-up rules for new players have changed: now they can create an account without specifying their email.

CoinMarketCap has added uUSD, the stablecoin by youves. The service now tracks its full market cap and trading volumes versus USDT at BitForex.

Meanwhile, hic et nunc has proved the power of web3 and decentralisation. After the developer deleted hicetnunc.xyz, the Tezos community restored it as hicetnunc.art. Thanks to ipfs and blockchain technology, no token was harmed during the operation.


Tezos Commons have announced October’s winners of Tezos Community Rewards. One of the best memes is the Tezos-style Nyan Cat.

The Tezos community attracts more and more popular musicians. The Linkin Park lead singer Mike Shinoda issued a few tokens back in September and announced a collection of 5,000 NFTs in late November. The collectors will be able to mint tokens with unique audio and video for 15 tez. The minting kicked off on December 2 at Ziggurats.xyz.

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