Tezos Monthly: Technology, Economy, and Community in May ‘21

Tezos Monthly: Technology, Economy, and Community in May ‘21

Yet another historical record of smart contract calls, the approval of Florence, a hundred exchanges trading tez, and other news of May.

As usual, our monthly digest of Tezos news has three categories: technology, economy, and community.


Network metrics

According to TezTracker, here’s what network metrics looked like in May:

  1. The number of transactions has decreased by 47.5%: from 1 890 994 to 992 071.
  2. The sum of transactions has dropped by 28.5%: from 428 812 818 tez to 306 403 376 tez.
  3. The number of addresses has shrunk by 47.1%: from 72 140 to 38 156.

According to Better Call Dev, the number of smart contract calls in May has set yet another historical record by gaining 11.4% from 1 318 685 to 1 489 533.

Technology news

Updates. The top news of May was the final approval and activation of the sixth update, Florence. Now let’s hear it for the seventh one, Granada!

In early May, the node Tezos v.9.1 was released.

Nomadic Labs have announced the incorporation of the consensus protocol Emmy* in the seventh update. The protocol would accelerate the finalization of transactions and half the average block time from 60 to 30 seconds. Meanwhile, Hadrien Zerah, the Nomadic Labs’ engineer for Tezos implementation, talked with us about himself, Nomadic Labs, and the reasons why corporations should become bakers.

Resources for devs. Spruce Systems have published the ninth update for devs, as well as have announced the launch of Tezos Profiles (TZP) in alpha.

Blockwatch Data have introduced TzGo, a low-level Golang library for Tezos, as well as announced TzStats API v9.

The Baking Bad team has presented DipDup, an instrument using selective indexation that lets developers focus on business logic instead of data indexation and servicing.

Tezos for newbies. Tezos Agora now has guidelines for newbies wishing to create their first DApp on Tezos, an NFT auction.


Market metrics

The tez price has dropped over a month by 34.4%, from $5.40 to $3.54. The daily exchange turnover has decreased by 38%, from $249.8 million to $154.8 million. At the same time, it was in May when the tez price has reached its historical peak at $8.27 while the daily exchange turnover has comprised $1.561 billion.

Last month, tez was listed on BitMart and Uphold. According to CoinGecko, now there are one hundred exchanges trading tez.

Ecosystem news

Wallets. The new update of Temple v1.10.0 now features the exchange function, a Dapp section, as well as new tabs for activity and delegation, and token prices in USD.

DeFi-as-a-Service. The project Crunchy offering ready-made DeFi primitives to devs has successfully held an initial coin offering for their token CRUNCH. Instead of the planned two weeks, the sale ended two and a half hours after the start. The raised funds have been sent to the liquidity pool CRUNCH/XTZ.

Stablecoins. Kolibri has announced KolibriDAO, a DAO to govern kUSD using the governance token kDAO. The initial distribution will see liquidity providers and early adopters rewarded.

Tokenization. The protocol Wrap has launched a reward program for WRAP/wTokens liquidity providers at the decentralized exchange Quipuswap. It will distribute around 900k WRAP over four months. The reward coefficients and protocol progress data is available at the dashboard.

Tezos-based exchange ERX will list the real estate-backed token NBIT. The token’s Thai SEC-approved STO to the tune of $80m will kick off in June with the token listed as of July.

NFT. Thanks to the cooperation between TQ and DMA United, there is yet another NFT marketplace on Tezos, TRUESY. It is a curated marketplace that, unlike Hic et Nunc and Kalamint, doesn’t have a native token.

Tezos-based musical NFT platform OneOf has raised $63m in seed investment. The funds will be spent on team expansion, further development, and artist support. The launch is expected in June.

Hic et Nunc has held their first Hickathon where the project community worked on various functional and development aspects of the marketplace. By late May, the number of NFTs created on Hic et Nunc has reached 100 000.

Singapore-based startup KoineArth is building the corporate platform marketsN that would use NFTs on Tezos to create product passports. TezTalks Radio offers a podcast on the project.

Red Bull Racing Honda chose Tezos as their official blockchain partner. The first fan-made NFT project by the team will be launched on the Tezos blockchain.


TQ Tezos has announced the creation of Blokhaus, an organization for marketing and communications seeking to boost Tezos recognition through marketing campaigns, sponsorship, partnership initiatives, advertising, PR and other activities.

Tezos Community Reward. April’s winners of TCR have been announced. Once again, there were many nominees from the world of NFTs. Still, there are six winners in the Good Samaritan category, which makes us very excited.

Meanwhile, TZ APAC in cooperation with TF, TQ, and TCF have launched a community reward program for the Chinese Tezos ecosystem.

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