Tezos Monthly: Technology, Economy, and Community in March ‘21

The most important technology news of March in the Tezos world is the Florence proposal’s passing through the second and the third phases of baker voting. Furthermore, in March, the Tezos network continued breaking its own records in terms of using smart contracts and paid vaults.

Our monthly digest from the Tezos world familiarly includes the news of technology, economy, and community. Section one covers network metrics and technological novelties. Section two deals with market metrics and ecosystem news. Finally, the last one takes a closer look at the community developments.


The Florence proposal’s passing through the second and the third phases of baker voting is definitely the most important technology news of March in the Tezos world. The voters opted for the Florence version without baking accounts. Currently, the third phase (testing) is underway. The results are expected on April 12th, 2021.

Network metrics

The Tezos network continued breaking its own records in terms of using smart contracts and paid vaults this March.

The TezTracker data suggests that the main network metrics of Tezos have changed as follows compared to February 2021:

  1. Number of transactions increased by 821.7% (from 144,428 to 1,331,207).
  2. Sum of transactions dropped by 19% (from 585,875,564 tez to 474,155,058 tez).
  3. Number of addresses with non-zero balance increased by 7.1% (from 1,059,324 to 1,135,189).
  4. Number of active addresses dropped by 11.8% (from 64,051 to 56,446).
  5. Number of smart contract calls increased by 280% (from 95,732 to 363,810).

Technology news

Oracles. Wolfram Blockchain have developed a new oracle for Tezos, which would be the third Tezos oracle after Harbinger and Chainlink. The same month, TezID was released, which is an identity oracle for Tezos seen by its creators as a supplement to DIDKit by Spruce Systems.

Dev tools. TzKT v1.4 was released, and it has new functions. SmartPy have announced an update of their open repository. Graph Explorer by TezQuery now allows for several ways of interactively browsing transactions on the Tezos blockchain.

Wallets. The Attic Lab team has presented TzSign, the first multisig wallet on Tezos.


Market metrics

The XTZ price has reached $4.51 by late March, while the daily exchange turnover comprised $285.361m.

Compared to the late February metrics, the XTZ price has gained nearly as much as the extent to which the daily exchange turnover dropped. The price growth was 32.4% ($3.36 to $4.51), while the turnover dropped by 38.8% (from $466.6m to $285.3m).

XTZ/USDT, XTZ/BTC и XTZ/USD proved to be the most active trading pairs.

Ecosystem news

DEX. AMM-DEX Dexter has resumed operations after fixing a critical bug discovered by the Nomadic Labs team back in February. After a successful audit held by Least Authority, they launched Quipiswap, the first DEX on Tezos with on-chain governance.

Stablecoins. A France-based retail giant Groupe Casino will launch a Euro-pegged stablecoin called Lugh on the Tezos blockchain.

A proposal published in March calls to increase the stabilization fee in Kolibri from 2% to 2.5% in order to force the kUSD market price back to the target value.

Testing of the robocoin Cheсker by Arthur Breitman has kicked off. By the way, he has joined the Scientific Advisory Group’s ECC.

Announcements. ROI Group and tZERO have joined their forces to transfer securities representing elite real estate to the amount of up to $50 million onto the Tezos blockchain.

An app by Chefs Club Collective for direct financing of restaurants as well as its native token BITE will be launched on Tezos. One will be able to pay with the tokens in any participating restaurant.

NFT. In early March, a municipal art platform on Tezos was announced with the pilot project hosted by Reno in Nevada. Local authorities also plan to establish a Reno DAO using the Homebase framework.

TQ Tezos has created InterPop, a subsidiary focused on developing NFT projects.

The Tezos DeFi Hackathon winners The Buttonists has launched an NFT project called Tezos Mandala. Three days into the sale, a Twitter user has discovered a vulnerability in the mandala generation protocol. The team fixed the bug and announced migration to Tezos Mandala v2.

The NFT marketplace Kalamit whose launch had been postponed due to the need to tweak UI, finally opened on March 23 with the collection by the artist MAIKEUL. It sold out completely by the next day.

Adoption. XTZ price data is now a part of the Bloomberg terminal, which shows an institutional interest in Tezos.


The biannual Tezos Foundation report has been published. We will review it in our blog next week!

The Tezos Community Reward program is still underway: Tezos Commons have announced the February winners.

Usually, each nomination can have up to three winners, but they made several exceptions in February. Memenator and Good Samaritan had five winners, while Troll Hunter and/or FUD Fighter and Helpers and Sherpas had four. That month, the number of those who make great memes, help others, and protect Tezos from trolls and FUD was greater than before, and we believe it’s just the beginning.

Сообщество Tezos должно знать своих героев! Anyone can nominate somebody for Tezos Community Rewards. If you know someone who deserves the reward but still has none, just put their names in the simple form and thus nominate them. The Tezos community has to know its heroes!

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