Tezos Monthly: Technology, Economy, and Community in June ‘21

Tezos Monthly: Technology, Economy, and Community in June ‘21

The explosive growth of network activity on Tezos, first steps to the acceptance of Granada, fresh memes, and other news of June.

In our monthly digest, we traditionally cover technology, economy, and community.


Network Metrics

Tezos network stats for June as per TzKT.io:

  1. The number of transactions has grown by 298%: from 992 071 to 3 956 260.
  2. The monthly amount of transactions has gained 75%: from 306.4m to 536.6m tez.
  3. The number of active addresses has grown by 336%: from 38.1k to 166.1k.

Back in June, Tezos broke yet another record of smart contract calls. As the data from Better Call Dev suggests, Tezos users have called smart contracts 2,168,330 times, which is 45% more than the previous record.

Technological novelties

Updates. TQ Tezos described the future update called Granada. The devs plan to replace the consensus algorithm Emmy+ with Emmy*, launch liquidity baking, and reduce gas consumption. Preliminary estimations suggest Granada would make the cost of calling the most popular contracts 3 to 6 times as low.

Resources for devs

Nomadic Labs have christened the Tezos implementation, Octez. On June 28, the team released the test version Octez 10.0-rc1.

DappRadar now indexes decentralized apps on Tezos. Users can sort dapps by theme and check out their stats.

Pyratzlabs have rolled out an alpha version for Pymich, a Python-to-Michelson compiler.

Meanwhile, SmartPy devs announced a new version of the language featuring lazy entry points.


Market metrics

The tez price lowered by 15% over June, from $3.42 to $2.91. The daily turnover dropped by 37%, from $154m/day to $98m/day. At the time of writing, tez are available at 133 exchanges.

Ecosystem novelties

The blockchain explorer TzKT.io has added the option of trading token pairs available at QuipuSwap as well as displaying price charts.

The Ubinetic team announced the launch of Ubinetic Oracles that would gather data from the WWW and transfer it to the Tezos blockchain. Cryptocurrency companies Bitcoin Suisse, Sygnum, and Taurus were chosen as the first data sources.

TezSure, the developers of Plenty DeFi, have rolled out an alpha version of the mobile wallet Naan for Android and iOS. In a while, Naan will add the support for Beacon, asset exchange via PlentySwap, and the Tezos Domains service.

The authorities of the French town Neuilly-sur-Seine have partnered with Eletics to launch a system of municipal e-voting on the Tezos blockchain.

Meanwhile, the issuer of the stablecoin USDC has announced the launch of a token on the Tezos blockchain in the near future.


Tezos Community Rewards. The May winners are now known: they are the developers of the DeFi app SalsaDAO, the batching tool for FA2 tokens, and the DeFi platform TezTools. The authors of the most popular memes about Tezos also got their rewards.

Tezos Monthly: Technology, Economy, and Community in June ‘21

Tezos became the official partner of the Formula 1 racing team F1 McLaren Racing. Earlier, Tezos endorsed the Red Bull Honda Racing team in a similar fashion.

The composer JunkieXL will hold a unique auction at the NFT marketplace AmplifyX. The musical mastermind behind Mad Max: Fury Road and Justice League soundtracks will interview the auction’s winner and transform his or her biography into a 20-minute soundtrack on an NFT.

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