Tezos Monthly: Technology, Economy, and Community in April ‘21

Tezos Monthly: Technology, Economy, and Community in April ‘21

Florence on the verge of acceptance, millions of calls to smart contracts, a serious tez price growth, and other news of April all in one post!

Our monthly digest of news from all around the Tezos world traditionally consists of three major sections: technology, economy, and community.


Network metrics

According to TezTracker, the main network metrics in Tezos have changed as follows compared to March:

  1. The number of transactions has gained 42% (from 1 331 207 to 1 890 994).
  2. The sum of transactions has lost 9.5% (from 474 155 058 tez to 428 812 818 tez).
  3. The number of active addresses has increased by 27.8% (from 56 446 to 72 140).
  4. The number of smart contract calls has grown by 262.4% (from 363 810 to 1 318 685), which means that the 1 million milestone is now behind.

Technology news

Florence acceptance. This April, the Florence update has entered the Acceptance phase, which would last from April 26 to May 11.

Updates. In early April, the node Tezos v.8.3 was released. Later the same month, Tezos updated to version 9.0.0. Also released were TzKt v1.5 supporting big maps and Florence, as well as Taquito v9 featuring the extended support of tickets.

Nomadic Labs. This has been an eventful April for Nomadic Labs: the team has launched a testnet for their consensus algorithm Tenderbake that could potentially oust Emmy+, as well as published a joint report with Inria on an enhanced-privacy update acceptance procedure for Tezos, and presented their Tezos wallet called Umami.

Resources for devs. AirGap has presented updated and expanded documentation for Beacon seeking to make an introduction to and work with Beacon easier for developers. Meanwhile, B9Lab invite everyone to visit their portal for developers.

Tezos for newbies. Cryptocodeschool v2 offers a free course on the full lifecycle of blockchain development on Tezos. The training is gamified, so the trainee’s progress offers rewards in the form of NFTs with 3D Cryptobots, who are Cryptoverse Wars characters.


Market metrics

The tez price has reached $5.60 by late April, while the daily exchange turnover comprised $249.8m. The former peaked at $7.49, while the latter at $1.565bn. Compared to the March metrics, the price has gained 24.1% (going from $4.51 to $5.60) while the trading volume has shrunk by 12.4% (going from $285.3m to $249.8m).

Ecosystem news

Bakers. Ubisoft became a Tezos baker with the support of Nomadic Labs. As of today, they are the biggest of eight corporate bakers on Tezos.

Stablecoins. Kolibry have initiated voting on the launch of liquidity mining for kUSD holders maintaining liquidity on Quipiswap, as well as launched a liquidation pool to sustain the stability of kUSD. In April, the supply of kUSD has not changed significantly and comprises $1.35m at the time of writing.

DEX. In late April, a month after its launch, the sum total of assets on DEX Quipiswap exceeded $3m. On the same day, the liquidity on Dexter was 2.5 times less ($1.2m).

Tokenization. Societe Generale released its first structured product as a security token on the Tezos blockchain. In the meantime, the protocol Wrap, which enables the transfer of assets from Ethereum to Tezos has finally been launched. Its users will get rewards in WRAP, which is the protocol’s governance token.

NFT. NPO PangeaSeed has commemorated this year’s Earth Week with an NFT collection called Protect What You Love launched at Kalamint. Meanwhile, the marketplace Hic et Ninc has hosted World Art Day held to raise funds for Creative Commons. Finally, Tezos Domains have announced the launch of a domain name auction on the mainnet. The names must have at least five characters. Once the auction is over, all the remaining domains of said length will be available for instant registration at the price of 1 tez.

Announcements. April’s announcements are still all about NFTs. TQ Tezos and DMA United have announced an NFT marketplace called TRUESY while The Buttonists have unveiled NFT Button. The Acute Art studio has announced their intent to release NFTs with augmented/virtual reality objects on the Tezos blockchain, as well as to add tez as a means of payment at their NFT marketplace Acute Market.


Tezos Community Rewards. The Tezos Community Rewards winners have received their prizes. The program team notes that March proved to be special as the number of nominees has reached its historical maximum with the NFT-related projects topping the list. There were seven Content Creators winners rather than the usual three. At the same time, nobody has won Genius Award, Governance Gurkas, or Agora Anglers.

Tezos incarnate. In April, we’ve published a review of Tezos Foundation’s biannual report featuring the members of the Foundation Council and committees, as well as the interview with the co-founder of Tezos Ukraine, Sergei Vasilchiuk. If you enjoy watching or listening, you’ll definitely be interested in the new editions of TezTalks.

Startups supported. Tezos Israel and Draper University have announced a joint pre-acceleration program. Tim Draper stated that he’d invest in the best companies in the program. In general, Draper Goreh Holm has announced their plans to keep on supporting Tezos-based startups.

Meanwhile, Tezos Ukraine has launched a startup accelerator for beginner blockchain devs and still awaits your applications. There’s also our guidelines for Tezos Foundation grants if you missed them.

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