User’s Guide to Tezos Foundation Grants

User’s Guide to Tezos Foundation Grants

The goal of the Tezos Foundation is to develop the Tezos ecosystem, which includes offering grant programs. In this post, we’ll take a closer look at how it works.

In order to receive a Tezos Foundation grant one has to devise a project idea, apply for a grant, wait for the application to be reviewed, and react to the review’s findings. Let’s look at each of those phases in greater detail.

Devise a project

Anyone can apply for a Tezos Foundation grant if they have an idea that would boost the development of Tezos. The Foundation accepts applications in the following areas:

  1. Baking: solutions aimed at improving baker UX; tools and apps enabling the use of cloud platforms for baking; and baking guidelines lowering the entry threshold of the area.
  2. UX for developers: tools and infrastructural solution making the development on Tezos more convenient and efficient, as well as guidelines for developers covering the most popular tools, apps, and standards found in Tezos.
  3. End-user apps: decentralized finance, tokenization, crowdfunding, collectibles, gaming, payment solutions, and other apps tackling the problems of end-users.
  4. Privacy: Tezos scientific research in cryptography and the development of privacy-ensuring solutions for Tezos transactions.
  5. Security: key management and formal verification, i.e. everything ensuring the security of Tezos for end-users and developers.
  6. Education and training: Tezos aims to accelerate the rate of global acceptance of Tezos as well as educational resources aimed at supporting and expanding the Tezos community.
  7. Others: projects that can help the further development of the Tezos ecosystem but don’t fit in any of the categories above.

Apply for a grant

First, you have to register at the Tezos Foundation’s platform for grants. Then you choose the area that corresponds to your project and make an offer by clicking the respective button. Now you can fill in your application.

The application form includes the following:

  1. Your personal information.
  2. Info on your entity in case you represent one.
  3. Description of your team and your offer.
  4. List of your project’s deliverables.
  5. An attachment with an expanded description of your offer, its technical details, team info, roadmap, and budget breakdown.

After that, the system will offer you to provide feedback on the application process. If you think you know how to make it better, that’s the right moment to share your thoughts. The feedback is not mandatory, though, and you can freely just apply without any further comment.

As long as the button is not pushed, you can edit your application by returning to any of the five steps above. Once the button is pushed, no changes are possible.

Wait for the application to be reviewed

On average, the review process takes eight to twelve weeks.

First, applications are checked for their accordance with formal and conceptual requirements applicable at the Tezos Foundation. Several Tezos ecosystem contributors under the auspices of the Technical Advisory Committee (TAC, see its current line-up here) perform the actual check. At this phase, the TAC’s main goal is to ensure reasonable management of any potential conflicting interests.

The passing applications then go to the TAC for technical analysis and evaluation. The TAC itself does not make decisions on grants but merely assesses the technological merits of applications as well as their usefulness for the entire ecosystem.

If the TAC liked your application, you will have to undergo due diligence for the Executive Committee or the Tezos Foundation Council to make the final decision. There are three options: accept, reject, or ask the grant-seeker to revise it.

You can always see your application’s current status in your account at the Tezos Foundation’s platform for grants.

React to the review’s findings

If your application was rejected, don’t you fret! Better find out the exact reason for rejection, rectify whatever has been wrong with your project, and try again. If they offered you to revise your application, just do it!

If your application passed, the Tezos Foundation will contact you to help with the grant’s paperwork. Once it is over, you will get the funding you asked for, but not the entire amount at once. Instead, the funding will be stage-wise as you perform the work pointed out in your roadmap.


According to the Tezos Foundation’s biannual report, there were 56 projects that had received grants in different areas from February to September 2020 with 41% of the project founders receiving any sort of grant for the first time ever. The Tezos ecosystem as a whole and the Tezos Foundation as its integral part always welcome new teams and new ideas.

Thanks to the launch of the platform for grants, the process of awarding Tezos Foundation grants has got more transparent. Still, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us via our social media channels:

  1. Telegram channel
  2. Facebook
  3. Twitter in Russian and Ukrainian
  4. Twitter in English
  5. YouTube channel
  6. Instagram
  7. LinkedIn
  8. hub at ForkLog


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