The Development Carries On: Projects and Plans of Tezos DeFi Hackathon 2022

The Development Carries On: Projects and Plans of Tezos DeFi Hackathon 2022

It’s been two months since the participants of Tezos DeFi Hackathon 2022 filled in their grant applications. And here we are to tell what they are working on now.

We talked with the teams who had already developed their MVPs. There are some additions to major projects, there are separate ecosystems and even something that is first of its kind.

So, here’s what they have been up to. a Portfolio Dashboard

The 0xPi founder Ehab Otman initially worked on the dashboard, and you can already use it to check out the following:

  • the tez price for the last month;
  • daily trading volumes of the 20 most popular tokens on QuipuSwap;
  • the information on public tokens, including free volume for delegation;
  • tokens in your wallet and transaction history on QuipuSwap and Plenty;
  • your deposited liquidity on Plenty;
  • your open ovens on Kolibri;
  • your NFT collection from

In a word, displays all the essential information about your portfolio and assets on Tezos.

Now Ehab plans to refine the dashboard: improve the interface, add delegation of tez to bakers, integrate the creation and liquidation of Kolibri ovens, and implement swaps for popular tokens in the UI. In addition, the app will have a mobile version and advanced analytics.

But the cool thing is that he’s not going to stop at Ehab said he wants to create new ways to use Tezos that can include off-chain apps.

My goal is to make an app for everyday use and create new opportunities for the community. I’ve already planned a long-term roadmap for development on Tezos. Some ideas are in the research stage now, and you could say they will be the first of their kind in the Tezos ecosystem,” Ehab stated.

To make his plans reality, Ehab is building a team of devs. If you want to help and other projects, please give your feedback in the project’s Discord, join the team, or make a donation on the official page.

Levaki: Kolibri’s UI, Multisig, and Stats

The Levaki team made an alternative frontend for Kolibri with a more user-friendly interface.

The collapse of LUNA and the devaluation of the UST stablecoin impacted the community: the kUSD security became a priority. To that end, the developers decided to diversify Kolibri’s stabilization fund. They bought tez for 90,000 kUSD so that in case kUSD is partially detached from USD they can stabilize the price. They needed to write a multi-sig contract to buy it because the existing Kolibri contracts did not provide for the purchase of tez.

This is where Levaki noticed that the Tezos ecosystem did not have a handy tool to create a multisignature. The team decided to add a tool to their project that would make working with multisignature contracts easier. Apart from it, Levaki plans to integrate visual statistics on kUSD into the UI.

Fxhash++ for Those Who Trade NFTs

The solo dev Artem worked on a portfolio dashboard but then switched to something more promising, an NFT trading tool.

His project fxhash++ simplifies the trading and search on fxhash. It includes the following functions:

  • mint shows the collections available for minting, the cost of minting, royalties, the author’s social networks, and other useful information;
  • whitelist shows all collections where your address is whitelisted for minting;
  • batch is for bulk listing, release, and NFT transfer in one transaction;
  • earnings shows spending on minting, purchases and commissions, total earnings from sales, and trading results.

Aside from that, the main page displays the list of recent sales on the secondary market and new lots on fxhash. The project receives information directly from tzktz, so all information is updated almost instantly every 30 seconds.

Artem works on fxhash++ alone. If it has benefited you, don’t forget to make a donation on the main page of the project.

TheWho Expands the Usability of NFT

TheWho worked on a no-losses lottery. Participants deposit funds to a farm, and at the end of the round, one lucky user collects the tokens they have earned. The rest of the users get their funds back.

According to the teamlead, the lottery is 70% ready, but the development had to be suspended until the war in Ukraine is over. However, this has not stopped the team from generating new ideas related to NFTs.

Previously, TheWho wanted to make an evidence base to let marketplaces and users authenticate NFTs and punish plagiarists, as well as evaluate the money spent to create the item.

The new idea is to make a gallery for releasing anything in the form of NFT: music, books, social media posts, and any other digital or digitized object. We think this idea is cool, especially if you combine it with tickets. Imagine being able to buy a book for tez and actually owning it without the risk of losing your purchase due to problems with centralized service, censorship (Amazon removed 1984!), or IPFS forgetfulness.

To Be Continued

Some teams froze the development on Tezos because of the ongoing war. This is not a petty excuse: some developers literally saw shells exploding outside their windows. Instead of working for the good of the community, they had to save their loved ones and themselves.

Help us win, and with that you will help Tezos. Read our article on how to help Ukraine and take action!

Also, some teams asked us not to talk about their projects until development resumes, the MVP launches, or a full release in the mainnet. But we’ll tell you about them soon.

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