Google, Vimeo, and Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine: Meet the Mentors of Tezos DeFi Hackathon 2022

Google, Vimeo, and Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine: Meet the Mentors of Tezos DeFi Hackathon 2022

A mentor is like a sensei in a dojo. He doesn’t solve the student’s problem but he can show the way.

So, meet the mentors who will be helping the participants of Tezos DeFi Hackathon 2022 solve technical issues, organise teamwork, and develop awesome projects.

Mentor Roles

At Tezos DeFi Hackathon 2022, there are two kinds of mentors: technical and team.

The technical mentors are the blockchain devs from some of the best Tezos teams. Developing smart contracts and blockchain apps is not popular enough to ensure the existence of books or solutions on StackOverflow. Moreover, looking for an answer could take valuable time off the project, so asking a technical mentor a question is the fastest way to solve a particular problem.

Team mentors are experienced majors representing businesses. In most cases, teams are created at the start of the hackathon, and the lack of a strong and disciplined leader could result in missed deadlines or lost motivation. Team mentors will help organise processes and see the project to its conclusion.

What’s in it for the mentors? They will get an experience valuable for their work and meet new developers that could end up at their projects. But most of all, they find it very cool to help create a great product.

Technical Mentors at Tezos DeFi Hackathon 2022

Tezos DeFi Hackathon 2022’s technical mentors have come to share their experience, help rookie developers find their way through the ecosystem, and to headhunt new talents for their teams.

  • Anastasia Kondaurova, — a Smart Contract Lead at MadFish Solutions and winner of 13 blockchain hackathons focusing on different technologies involved in blockchain development for 3 years. She develops and tests smart contracts as well as conducts research. Her motivation for coming to the hackathon is to help the teams comprehend Tezos.
  • Boris Grit, co-founder of The Buttonists, smart contract developer, and a full-stack dev with 11 years of experience. Involved in crypto since 2013, he wants to help those curious understand the development of smart contracts.
  • Eugene Rybny, an architect, CTO at Flame DeFi with 15 years of experience in major companies and startups.
  • Innokenty Mazhara of Madfish Solutions, a React frontend developer motivated by the desire to help cool pros show their skills at the hackathon.
  • Kornei Vasilchenko, CTO at Madfish Solutions with 8 years of experience in commercial development and blockchain. Involved in Tezos for over 2 years, he wants to help the newbies understand the creation of DApps.
  • Maxim Strebkov, the leading developer at Baking Bad,, and Netezos. Involved in Tezos since its day one. He says: “I brought some metaphorical (or not?) booze without which you won’t get Tezos. It would be great to find some drinking buddies for our team.”
  • Mikhail Zaikin, core dev and tech lead at Baking Bad responsible for PyTezos, DipDup, and Better Call Dev. Experienced in infrastructural projects and developer tools. He wants to help the newbies to find their way through blockchain development and to build an MVP on Tezos.
  • Stepan Naumov, one of the winners of Tezos DeFi Hackathon 2021 and the creator of After his win, he joined Baking Bad and worked with NFTs (in particular, he developed split sale contracts for hic et nunc). His goal is to bring more developers to the Tezos ecosystem and to develop Juster in particular.

Team Mentors at Tezos DeFi Hackathon 2022

Team mentors at Tezos DeFi Hackathon 2022 are there to help teams, build new contacts, better understand cryptocurrency, and find developers for their projects. Some of them participated in Tezos DeFi Hackathon 2021.

  • Andrew Kozik, founder of Lemons.Studio and, which produces animations for popular blockchain projects. His motivation at the hackathon is to make a million, meet new people, and study new use cases.
  • Anton Mudryk has worked for 6 years as a team lead and product manager. He also has non-commercial experience in blockchain. When asked why he came to the hackathon, he said: “A samurai doesn’t have a goal, he only has a road.”
  • Anton Lazovskiy, product manager at Wargaming. With 8 years of experience in B2B and corporate systems as a systems analyst and product manager, he is skilful at setting up work processes in teams and analysing business and users. His motivation is to help teams create cool projects.
  • Anastasia Sapozhkova is a blockchain researcher at Distributed Lab and an event organiser with 6 years of experience in the industry. Her motivation is to make a contribution to the development of the blockchain community and to meet serious developers.
  • Dariia Popova has worked as a product manager for 3 years. She knows how to connect business requirements to team skills, and how to solve user problems. At the hackathon, she seeks to meet new people and get a new experience.
  • Daria Siedykh is the founder of a Deep Tech company ZEPS and a startup producer. Skilled in fundraising and marketing B2B projects. She has no blockchain background but wants to be a kind team mentor.
  • Denis Popov has worked as a product manager in Software and Hardware products for 7 years, now works in the Unified Communications as Service market. Blockchain experience is theoretical knowledge. Came to the hackathon to meet new people, help teams get organized and start 2022 off to a good start.
  • Diana King has been marketing blockchain projects for 7 years. Expert in product presentation and organising blockchain events, she is motivated by her previous experience of mentorship at Tezos DeFi Hackathon 2021.
  • Ivan Karabaniuk is a product manager with 3 years of experience involved in the research, launch, and development of products. He came to the hackathon to help the teams find product solutions and to meet talented people from the industry.
  • Ivan Andrianov has 5 years of experience in product marketing and marketing leadership in B2B, B2, and mobile. He was involved in creating Bloomberg Terminal for DeFi. At the hackathon, he is looking for new acquaintances and challenges.
  • Igor Skibitski is an entrepreneur and the co-founder of Primecore, Stakernode, and a few DeFi projects. He develops and launches technology-intensive products and invests in DeFi and NFT. His motivation is to expand the circle of contacts in the crypto-community.
  • Lena Pshenychna has 15 years of managerial experience, of which 8 are in tech. Involved in SportTech, she builds marketing strategies and acts as the advisor to Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine.
  • Mikhail Kashkin is a senior with 20 years of experience, including Google, Yandex, and dozens of other companies of the same tier. He is the author of a course on Python called who wrote smart contracts and studied blockchain as part of his work with customers. His motivation is to help build new teams and find new talents.
  • Nikolai Havryliak is the CEO of Livee, an IT entrepreneur skilled in creating MVP, project pitching, and investment with 3 years of experience in blockchain. His motivation is to “give back to the community.”
  • Oleg Svirskiy is a product manager at Vimeo involved in strategising and user studies. His experience is blockchain goes down to buying 0.0000001 ETH. He wants to help create cool products and to meet cool people.
  • Roman Tehlivets has 6 years of experience in creating successful startups. An ex-CIO of High Castle, he came to the hackathon to share his knowledge and learn something new.
  • Sergei Zenevich has gone the way from a programmer to an architect over his 20 years in IT. Right now he is developing a service company SoftTeco. He wants to see what is happening in the world of blockchain at the moment and to offer his experience to the participants.
  • Tim Tesluck is co-founder and COO of Field Complete startup. He has extensive experience in the position of COO, and wants to help teams with the correct organization of work.
  • Tsimur Samoilau is a winner of several hackathons involved in blockchain since 2018. Currently, he is developing his own company in Solana. He came to the hackathon to teach, help, and find new talents.

If you have just found out about Tezos DeFi Hackathon 2022, you still have two weeks to register. So you’d better hurry!

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