Tezos Ukraine Launches a Startup Incubator for Blockchain Devs From CIS

Tezos Ukraine Launches a Startup Incubator for Blockchain Devs From CIS

April 9, Tezos Ukraine opens a startup accelerator for beginner blockchain devs. A competitive selection has kicked off.

Tezos Ukraine seeks to train blockchain teams of basic technical specialists: frontend, backend, DevOps, and smart contract specialists. They will be able to work on individual blockchain projects, professionally evolve, and expand their business depending on their area of interest.

Following the results of the selection, Tezos plans to form 2 teams of 4 trainee/junior specialists each.

The first prerequisite of participating in the project is proficient Ukrainian and/or Russian. The Tezos Ukraine initiative is primarily focused on developing the local community, so Ukrainian will be the working language of the project.

The second prerequisite is to regularly attend the Kyiv premises of Tezos Ukraine. The team will be having all the offline accelerator activities there.

During the 6-months program, the participants will get theoretical expertise and practical skills of blockchain development while working on a real project in a Ukraine-based IT company. During the program, the participants will have financial reimbursement, mentorship support, and socialization in an IT team. On top of that, they will have training and refresher courses for working in a blockchain environment. The courses will include project management, organizational management, team building, etc. As a bonus, Tezos Ukraine will lend a Macbook Pro for free to every participant for the duration of the accelerator program.

Upon the completion of the program, Tezos Ukraine will introduce the graduates as independent participants of Tezos Blockchain Hackathon 2022 where they will be able to further upgrade their expertise and win seed funding for their startup. Aside from that, the participants will showcase their abilities and ambition to the key blockchain communities of the world. This is the first step to concluding a contract or finding a job.

In order to participate, please answer eight questions in our survey. Tezos Ukraine will contact the developers shortly afterward. The participants should be proficient in Russian and/or Ukrainian and have an opportunity to live in Kyiv for the entire duration of the program.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask them in Tezos Ukraine’s Telegram chat.

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