We Need More Gold: Land on SalsaDAO

We Need More Gold: Land on SalsaDAO

There are many things in the SalsaDAO ecosystem: the decentralized SpicySwap exchange with recipes and flash loans, the Gaming Hall casino, MatterDeFi, and NFT farms. And they recently announced a game, SalsaDAO.io.

Judging by the SalsaDAO.io Litepaper, Tezos will soon have an actual metaverse, which we were talking about earlier: with the ability not just to build houses from blocks, but to create projects inside projects. Below we explain how it will work.

How SalsaDAO.io Is Different From Similar Games

SalsaDAO.io is a two-dimensional open world where users buy land and use it for different tasks:

  • Expand their property and rent it out;
  • Build buildings out of resources;
  • Deploy mini dApps that can be their own or based on templates;
  • Create their own NFT galleries and marketplaces;
  • Host private casino rooms.

The main technical feature of SalsaDAO.io is rollups and tickets. Rollups will provide high bandwidth and very low fees for mini-applications in SalsaDAO.io, while tickets will provide full asset ownership.

Although the land is the backbone of the game, becoming a landlord and making a profit from possessions will not be easy. The team wants to move away from the concept of familiar blockchain games that are built around making money and getting in the way of the game itself.

Players will be playing, not doing something else: enter SalsaDAO.io several times a week, use mini-applications, and receive resources and reputation for it. Over time, the player will accumulate enough in-game gold to buy a plot and start building something of their own.

The land market will be regulated to protect the game from speculators. First, the land will exist in the form of tickets instead of NFTs, and it won’t be available for sale on marketplaces. Second, buyers will not be able to sell the land they just bought for a certain period of time.

Players will, however, be able to earn money with buildings. Some of the buildings will generate resources for further construction and crafting, and others will allow you to run your own mini-DApps: galleries, casinos, markets, clubs, and other activities, and charge players a fee for using them. The Genius Contracts team will prepare a gallery of smart contracts for these mini-DApps.

SalsaDAO.io will be free to play and use without purchasing land. Still, in the future, the game will switch to a SalsaID pseudo-subscription system, the funds from which will be used to support the project’s infrastructure.

How to Get a SalsaDAO Land Plot

In the world of SalsaDAO.io, the amount of land is currently limited to 10,000 plots. Of these, users could buy entire plots for 150 tez or shares for 2 tez. After the launch, it will be possible to collect one plot from 100 shares.

The first purchasers of the land will receive bonuses:

  • increased in-game gold production;
  • accelerated progression and more crafting items;
  • a starter pack of contracts to create a mini-application;

At the start, each player with SalsaID will receive the first level of reputation and a free hotel room, which can be customised and turned into a mini-application. As they play and reach new levels, they will unlock more crafting opportunities and get access to the housing market.

Creating, changing, or destroying buildings will incur additional costs. A regular house, on the other hand, will be free. Users will be able to personalize the interior of their house and customize the permission to enter. The house will be able to generate resources if certain items are placed inside.


SalsaDAO.io looks like a SalsaDAO app ecosystem in a game wrapper with extra incentives for users and a platform to launch your own projects. We are waiting for the launch and hope that more developers will dare to use rollups and tickets.

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