Quilt: a Decentralized Anonymous Messenger on Tezos

Quilt: a Decentralized Anonymous Messenger on Tezos

Would you have moved from Discord or Telegram to their blockchain-based and decentralized counterpart? When Quilt launches on Tezos, you’ll be able to do just that.

Quilt is a decentralized p2p messenger on Tezos with end-to-end encryption. Here’s how it works.

The Problem That Quilt Solves

Blockchain technology has decentralized the financial system but online communication remains centralized and beyond its grasp. Traditional social networks still exploit users’ personal data and undermine their mental health.

The developers of Quilt want to decentralize communication using blockchain and IPFS so that interlocutors literally own their messages and don’t have to worry about their privacy. In addition, Quilt will be cross-chain-based: Tezos users will be able to communicate with users of Solana, Polygon, and other EVM chains.

The Quilt team chose NFT trading as its first case study. Using the chat, users will be able to contact the author or owner of an object at their Tezos address, negotiate a barter or hold an auction in the general chat.

In theory, Quilt can implement any use case in chat that requires communication:

  • OTC deals – text the holder of a large number of tokens and offer them an exchange directly;
  • more trust – users see each other’s addresses and can verify the authenticity of the on-chain identity of the interlocutor;
  • escrow and message boards – secure the sale of things and services with payment in cryptocurrency;
  • blockchain-based board games – tic-tac-toe, checkers, chess between friends, etc.

The developers also plan to create an iFrame for Quilt so that other teams can easily build chat into their projects. A “Messages” tab in your favorite wallet or a “Trollbox” on DEX would be cool.

How to Use Quilt

Quilt now supports general cross-chain chats between users in the Tezos and Polygon testnets, as well as private messages with end-to-end encryption in Polygon. Messages are stored in the decentralized Gun database.

First, you need to install Temple Wallet, go to the Quilt page in Tezos, and click the Connect Wallet button. Then click on the public chat button in the bottom right corner.

That’s it, now you can communicate. You don’t need gas to send messages, so Quilt can be tried out even with an empty Jakartanet account.

Cross-chain works: the message about Gianni Rodari came from Polygon, and the rest came from Tezos.

You can also send any files to the chat room. Quilt uploads them to IPFS, but there is no preview yet: you have to go into IPFS and download the file from there.

How End-to-End Encryption Works in Quit

To chat in private messages with E2E encryption, you need to use the Polygon version of Quilt. It looks a little different: on the left, there is a menu with the current chat, a list of friends for private messages, account settings, and a public chat.

When logging in to Polygon, Quilt will ask you to generate encryption keys. Generation involves calling a smart contract, so you need to get test MATICs first.

Then you can add friends by their addresses in Polygon and start chatting.

Messages come in about 10-15 seconds after sending: this is the cost of encrypting and decrypting messages on each user’s side. When generating new keys, the chat history disappears as the old messages are encrypted with the old key, and the new one does not fit them. All in all, the encryption works.

What’s interesting: the blockchain browser only displays key generation operations, which means that the communication itself in Quilt is almost invisible.

Should You Move to Quilt Right Now?

Our verdict: Quilt is a good idea and a great alternative to the existing social networks. The messenger is exactly for degens, with no spam, random recommendations, or censorship. But in its current state, Quilt feels like a proof of concept or an MVP. You can use it for fun but be prepared for your chat history to disappear for no reason.

If you want to help the team polish the chat and bring it closer to launching in the mainnet, get Quilt, use it for chatting, and leave your feedback on the project’s Discord.

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