PFP: One More Reason To Pay $1,000 for a JPG

PFP: One More Reason To Pay $1,000 for a JPG

In 2022, a photo of your face surrounded by autumn leaves can’t surprise anyone anymore. The new trend is PFP, or NFTs from popular collections instead of social network avatars.

From this post, you’ll find out what Profile Pictures we found in the Tezos community on Twitter. Try to guess the profile owners by their NFTs.

What Is PFP

PFPs are generative NFTs featuring some kind of creature. The trend started with the creation of CryptoPunks but became popular after the release of Bored Apes Yacht Club. Twitter users began using their NFTs instead of a profile image. Skeptic trolls came up with the “Right-Click, Save As” meme and started putting saved NFTs in the profile too.

In January 2022, Twitter added the ability to upload NFTs as a profile image directly from your wallet. The feature is only available for Ethereum tokens (Elon Musk, come on, buy Twitter and add Tezos!).

The NFT avatar has been trimmed to a hexagonal shape instead of the usual circle to make the real monkey owners stand out among the trolls. After selling or transferring a token to another wallet, the picture remained in the profile, but the hexagonal frame disappeared.

PFPs quickly became popular: there are many collections, they are bright, and users can employ them for self-expression. Some collections allow you to change the NFT to suit you and emphasize your personality.

The Tezos community on Twitter has many users with NFTs in their profiles. Although no one prevents you from downloading a Tezzard in JPG, we believe in the honesty of every account with a lizard on its avatar.

The Most Popular PFPs on Tezos

Tezzardz: 4,200 Odd Lizards

The total trading volume was 1.85 million tez ($2,997,000 at current exchange rates). There are 592 properties for sale today from 174 tez apiece.

It is the face of generative NFT on Tezos. In September 2021, we already told you about Tezzardz. The script imposes random skin coloring, clothing, spikes, and other attributes on the template, so you get cool and sometimes naked lizards.

Ottez: 4,000 Dressed Otters

Total sales were 386,820 tez ($626,600). Now the team is working on the introduction of the Evolution core development. The Evolution mutation will allow the crossing the newly-minted PFPs with the original Ottez.

The minimum cost per job at the time of publication is only 54 tez.

The idea for Ottez was born out of conversations between ervinjxy.tez and wwwombats in the summer of 2021 and immediately interested the public. The collection’s main feature is Fusion, the ability to create Ottez with desired attributes. Fusion was available to the first collectors, and the tokens created this way were called Gen2 Ottez.

By the way, wwombats has one typed-NFT Ottez. Learn more about text-based NFTs in our Typed review.

PRJKTNEON: 666 Dystopian Cyberpunks

The trading volume on the primary market is 220.56 thousand tez ($361,718 at the current exchange rate), and the minimum price of tokens is 69 tez.

Each PFP is randomly generated with 137 traits of varying rarity.

Flygohr, the author of this collection, became interested in science fiction as a child and began writing stories. The Neon Collection is an opportunity to visualize DnD PUNKDOE-style role-playing adventures with cards and NFT rewards. Owners of these tokens can also hunt for the TEZOSPIRATES treasure by burning DOUBLOON.

Degen Foxes: 4,330 Cunning Foxes

The primary sales volume is 18.76 thousand tez ($30.5 thousand). The minimum price of NFT is 12.5 tez.

The Tezos Degen Club blockchain casino released the collection. Holders of the tokens can stake them and receive a portion of the service’s commissions in tez, UNO, DOGA, and other tokens.

BigFoot Mafia Club: A Mob of 2,900 Bigfoots. Or Is It Bigfeet?

The total trading volume is 8.4 thousand tez, and the minimum price per token is 8.47 tez.

BigFoot Mafia Club (BFMC) tells the story of explorers who hunt bigfoots. Or bigfeet. Whatever. The project’s website has already released 11 parts with illustrations.

The creators of BFMC have planned different rewards for NFT owners, which depend on the popularity of the collection and the achievement of milestones. More in the roadmap.


We’ve seen these collections on Twitter profiles more often than others, so we decided to discuss them.

Many more tokens on would work as avatars: GOGOs, NEONZ, Monstes, Randomly Common Skeles, and others. If you own one of these tokens, why isn’t it already on your Twitter profile?

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