Five NFT Collections on Tezos Worth Seeing

Five NFT Collections on Tezos Worth Seeing

Generated collections are the most popular NFTs: provocative tokens, hype all the way, and skyrocketing prices are, however, outweighed by the lack of desire to hang the picture on the wall. We found 5 collections that would look nice over a mantlepiece.

This edition features 3D renders of ancient helmets, U.S. President cards, fractals, realistic portraits made with coal, and Scarlett Johanson, the saviour of the Earth. If you enjoy generative art, check out Tezzardz, too.

Trojan helmets

Generated NFTs are limited: a few dozen elements are easy to remember, and tokens lose the impression of being unique. That’s not the case for Trojan by fmk7. It includes 32 animated ancient Greek helmets: iron, marshmallow, musical, water, knitted, etc. There are ones inspired by Pikachu, Akira, and Judas Priest. Just like any other animated NFTs, they are worth seeing in person. Prices start at 24 tez ($150) at hic et nunc.

Presidential collection

Theodor Roosevelt got shot in the chest and then spoke for two hours before his voters. Gerald Ford survived two attempted assassinations, both times by women. Andrew Jackson pacified a gun-wielding assassin with a cane. James Polk, however, is known for letting his wife prohibit booze and gambling in the White House.

These are some of the POTUS facts one may discover thanks to the POTUS collection by PixelPotus. There are 250 tokens with pixel portraits of U.S. presidents, their famous quotes, and biography highlights. The price depends on rarity and varies from 0.3 to 60 tez ($2-$360) at


An artist’s individual style stems from colours, themes, shapes, and details. There are others, however, who draw using mathematical formulae and don’t give a damn, like Jungle Symbol who employs fractals, symmetry, and bright colours to create psychedelic images of something familiar yet incomprehensible, and does it very carefully, unlike some other visionary artists. The works are available at NFTButton. Prices start at 25 tez ($150).

Jeff Tezos and women

We usually expect pixel art, 3D rendering, and something abstract from NFT marketplaces. Surprisingly, Kalamint now sells tokenised oil and coal on canvas. The author Joi Rudin is more of a realist artist. His most remarkable work, Jeff Tezos, is either a photo of an actual canvas, or a great imitation. Aside from that, the artist sells twenty female portraits and landscapes, including those made with coal.

Art lovers should check out the author’s profile. Prices start at 1 tez ($6).

Crypto Rescuers

NFT artists like using Elon Musk or Jeff Bezos to create memes. But are Scarlett Johansson or Yuri Gagarin any worse? And what if buying an NFT with Bob Marley can save the Earth?

CryptoRescuers want to cool down the planet with an electro-hydrogen generator (EFG). It will use hydrolysis to create hydrogen fuel. The project’s spokesperson claims the generator will cool down its immediate environment.

On October 1st, CryptoRescuers will start selling their NFTs on Byteblock. The collection will include portraits of historical personalities, actors, musicians, politicians, entrepreneurs, fictional characters, and even popular streamers. The raised funds will be spent on building and commissioning the EFG.

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