5 NFTs on Tezos to Show Off on Halloween

5 NFTs on Tezos to Show Off on Halloween

Halloween is approaching, so it’s time to find costumes, hang skeletons around the house, and buy metric tons of sweets. Or, if that’s too much, you can just buy some NFTs on the Tezos marketplace of your choice.

Here are five NFTs one may enjoy on Halloween: jelly people, dark landscapes, coloured skulls, cute ice cream, and the formidable Tezburger.

Jelly Universe

JellyUniverse at hic et nunc sells a collection of pictures and videos about jelly people: bright, weird, and sometimes more reminiscent of zombies than jellies. The last image has obvious Halloween references.

There are 36 NFTs overall with the prices starting from 1 tez.

The Moments

On October 28th at 6 PM UTC, cryptohamster will start selling a collection called The Moments, which includes 4,000 NFTs consisting of dozens of hand-drawn elements. Those dark landscapes look perfect in the days of autumn gloom. Their starting price is 10 tez at objkt.com.

Skulls and Women

Concept artist farcool drew 14 NFTs with skulls and women. They range from simple coloured skulls to those referencing Batman, Jason, Terminator, and other pop culture icons. If you’re not that into skulls, farcool also sells images of mercenary women. The prices start from 1 tez at Kalamint.

Ice Cream

We found no candies but discovered something better: CRYPTOSICLE. Created by Dream, there are 20 tokens with fruit ice you can give away to children. Just imagine their pitiful faces when they see it all has melted by the time they get back home. Some of CRYPTOSICLE tokens already have owners, so you’ll have to look for them on the secondary market. Prices start from 1.2 tez at ByteBlock.


Regular fast food is bad for your health, but this one is far worse. An anonymous user of NFT Button created Tezburger in strict accordance with Ed Wood’s guidelines: added an eye, a mouth, and a tongue that could put Gene Simmons to shame. It costs 10 tez at NFT Button. The only downside to this is that an eight-legged hot dog, french fries made of human fingers, and other gore items are definitely not available at the time of writing.

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