Celebrity NFTs on Tezos: Where to Buy and How to Watch

Celebrity NFTs on Tezos: Where to Buy and How to Watch

On April 17, an adult movie star Mia Khalifa bought tez and wrote on Twitter about it. Since then, some celebrities have joined Tezos, mostly to release NFTs. This entry focuses on celebrity NFTs and where to find them.

By the way, Mia bought tez at around $7 and could get a 25% profit in September.

NFT Marketplaces for Celebrities

In 2021, two marketplaces on Tezos sought to work with famous musicians and artists: AmplifyX and OneOf. Aside from technical assistance with issuing an NFT, they promote the collections, ensure KYC compliance, and make sure the conditions are always met. Unlike artists with unique and expensive NFTs, musicians tend to work with the masses. One NFT on OneOf can cost as little as $5, and some are even free.

Mike Shinoda, Lead Vocalist of Linkin Park and Fort Minor

On September 12th, Mike Shinoda drew a big sketch during a Twitch broadcast. He then released it on hicetnunc and gave 99 tokens to the stream’s viewers for free. Now the price of Brain Dump comprises 325 tez ($2270 at the press time).

Last week, Shinoda created three more audio NFTs on objkt.com. You can buy them for 10, 116, and 180 tez.

Doja Cat, Pop Singer

Doja Cat is a singer with a few MTV Music Awards and Grammy nominations. In June, she released Planet Her and supported it with Planet Doja, an NFT collection on OneOf, in September. All tokens are linked to videos featuring Doja Cat’s rotating virtual portrait sculpture.

The tokens’ price depended on details: regular NFTs, of which there were 7,000 pieces, cost $5 each, while the unique Crystal token cost $188,888 to an unknown collector.

DojaCat plans to release one more collection this year. Users will be able to unify three Planet Doja NFTs to get a unique Combiner Token of the new collection, VIP rewards, and privileges on the OneOf marketplace.

The Game, Rapper

The Game has released some of the best rap albums out there, at least according to the New York Times and Grammy. In early October, he released an NFT collection on OneOf dedicated to his first two albums.

Collectors will get a set of four random tokenised figurines depicting The Game. There’s also a chance of getting rare golden tokens with access to an exclusive clip. The set is priced at $25.

The Game plans to release two more token collections with content for the fans.

Alesso, DJ

Alesso is the world’s 37th best DJ according to DJ Magazine. In early October, he gave away The Decoder tokens for free. They were short videos with a key to a cypher.

Collectors can use them to decipher the messages hidden in Alesso’s social media. They have to be input in OneOf Vault then for a draft of Rough Draft Chapter I tokens.

Junkie XL, Composer

Tom Holkenborg aka Junkie XL penned the soundtracks for Mad Max, Justice League, Deadpool, and other major blockbusters. In summer 2021, he released a series of three short videos and a unique NFT titled Soundtrack of Your Life.

As part of the Soundtrack, the composer will ask the buyer about their victories, losses, and feelings to express their life in a 20-minutes-long song. Ten per cent of the raised funds will go to Leonardo DiCaprio’s Earth Alliance. The token has already been bought for $20k, so now we can safely wait for the release.

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