The Tezos Ecosystem on Your Smartphone: an Overview of the Naan Mobile Wallet and DApp Browser

The Tezos Ecosystem on Your Smartphone: an Overview of the Naan Mobile Wallet and DApp Browser

The Tezsure team launched Tezos Naan mobile wallet in late 2021. In addition to the standard "receive-send," the wallet allows you to work with popular Tezos projects: Plenty, Quipuswap, Objkt, and even Tezotopia.

This post overviews the wallet: how to install it and connect your address, which Tezos apps you can use from your smartphone, and if there are any alternatives to Naan.

Install Naan

Naan is available for Android, iOS и macOS. Follow the link or search it in your applications store to install the app.

The first time you run Naan, it will ask you to create or import a wallet using a seed phrase or private key. If you didn’t use derivation to work with multiple wallets under one key, leave the Password field blank.

Then click Import account, and in a few seconds, the wallet will be ready to use.

Standard Functionality of Naan

The main screen displays the balances of all popular Tezos tokens. The Send button opens the interface for sending tokens, while Receive allows you to copy your public address and immediately use it as a QR code.

The bottom panel contains a menu of tabs: Wallet, a tez purchase for fiat money (provided by Wert), NFT gallery, DApp gallery on Tezos, and Settings.

The image button opens the NFT gallery. By clicking on the object, you can see more information: description, owners, issuance and history of transactions with the token. To send NFTs, you need to enter the Wallet tab, click Send and select the Collectibles tab in the sending interface.

You can also view other users’ collections in Naan. To do this, click the button with your address in the upper right corner, select Import Gallery, and enter the address of the user you’re interested in.

Built-in Browser of Tezos Apps

Clicking the tile button opens a gallery of available applications:

  • DEX — Plenty, Quipuswap и Vortex;
  • DeFi — ctez, Kolibri, youves, Crunchy, FlameDeFi, Alien’s Farm;
  • NFT — Objkt, hic et nunc, Kalamint, Rarible;
  • GameFi etc. — Tezotopia, PixelPotus, Tezos Domains.

The gallery and applications work in the built-in browser.

Connecting a wallet seems even easier than on the desktop since you don’t need to manually sign the transaction. You click the Connect Wallet button, then select Naan or Beacon → Naan in the list, and you get a notification of successful synchronization.

Still, any transactions must be confirmed manually.

We ran all the apps one by one to see how convenient they were to use and what problems could arise.

Only two bugs manifested themselves in the mobile version:

  • the ctez website is zoomed in for no reason. That’s probably because it was optimised for an iPad screen;
  • hic et nunc doesn’t open. Possibly, this has something to do with the resurrection thing. In order to launch it, manually input in the address bar.

For the sake of the experiment, we manually opened sites which are not on the list: fxhash, teia, Versum, Juster, salsadao, and SpicySwap. All worked well and allowed us to connect the wallet via Beacon.

Bottom line: If your favourite Tezos app or service supports the Beacon wallet connection, you can use it in Naan or another browser. Almost all Tezos apps are optimised for mobile devices.

Experiments Carry On

Naan opens apps in the built-in browser and uses Beacon to sync the wallet. We checked if it was possible to open the app in Google Chrome or Safari and connect the wallet through Naan. It turned out that you can: the smartphone launches the Naan app and gets permission to connect the wallet.

Conclusion: If you don’t like the interface of the built-in Naan browser, you can use Tezos dapps in any other browser.

Face ID, Delegating, Testnet

The last icon in the bottom menu is Settings. There you can delegate tez to a baker using their address, copy the seed phrase of the current wallet, connect to a testnet, add another wallet, or delete the current one.

If you forcibly close Naan on iOS and launch it again, the app will ask for permission to use Face ID. Identification is required in two cases: when restarting Naan and to view the seed phrase.

Conclusion: If you want to use Naan safely, close it forcibly. If you just minimize it, it won’t ask for a Face ID when you launch it.

Tezsure shared their plans for Naan: they will add an interface for liquidity baking, and revamp the entire UI.

Alternatives for Naan

Beacon supports three other mobile wallets: the AirGap and Autonomy apps, and the Kukai web wallet. They can also be used to connect to Tezos apps in mobile browsers, but the user experience is worse than in Naan.

To work with AirGap, you have to install two separate apps: AirGap Wallet to interact with apps and AirGap Vault to store keys. Not the most convenient solution.

Autonomy has a weird interface: to import an existing wallet you have to go to the menu, and it opens by clicking on the supposedly decorative Autonomy logo at the top. Some of the NFTs never got loaded, by the way.

Conclusions: besides Naan there are other mobile wallets to use Tezos from a smartphone, but Naan seems to us the most convenient from the user’s point of view.

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