“Introduction to Tezos” Webinar and AMA Session

On October 23rd, the 4th and 5th parts of the Introduction to Tezos training course were published.

These were the final parts of the training program, consisting of 5 fundamental lessons, each of which is dedicated to one of the most relevant topics uncovering the essence of Tezos technology, from the point of view of the course creators. Each lesson includes a theoretical and practical part (the practical part is presented with examples of program code used in a particular situation described in the lesson). The authors and developers of the course are Tezos Ukraine team members.

The training course is designed primarily for developers who are willing to upgrade their knowledge by learning new technologies in the blockchain field. The course content is presented in the form of video tutorials with presentations in 3 languages (Ukrainian, Russian and English). Video lessons are available in the Training section of the Tezos Ukraine website , as well as on our YouTube channel.

Each of the lessons covers a particular technology area

The first introductory lesson generally describes the blockchain as a technology, gradually moving to a more substantive review of the Tezos blockchain as such, starting from the history of its creation, the formation and development of the Tezos ecosystem, distinctive features and advantages over other blockchains and continuing with in depth analysis of the Tezos technology itself (protocol, shell, smart contracts, programming languages, libraries, etc.).

The second lesson is about the economic protocol, including transaction types, consensus and protocol, gas / fee / burn.

“Tezos CLI”, the third lesson, is focused on deploying nodes, wallets, baking, delegation.

The fourth lesson analyzes smart contracts in detail, including programming languages and libraries.

The fifth and final part of the course differs from the previous ones in volume and style of presentation, so it is a kind of final summary containing all the sources and useful resources that contain up-to-date information about Tezos blockchain technology.

The course is sure to become a useful source of theoretical knowledge that can be demonstrated in practice in the near future during the webinar planned by Tezos Ukraine on November 5 this year.

During the webinar, participants will have the opportunity to discuss the information contained in the ‘Introduction to Tezos’ course with its authors, as well as ask questions of interest, exchange opinions and test your knowledge using the online test system developed by the Tezos Ukraine team, specifically to assess the knowledge of the training program students. The virtual test contains questions, answers to which can be found by assimilating the course materials. The most attentive listeners to be the first ones to answer all the questions correctly, will receive “excellent marks” in the form of a monetary reward in XTZ to their wallets. Tezos Ukraine team supports the saying “Knowledge is to be paid for”, and gives its listeners the opportunity to receive the first bonuses for “hard study”. The webinar will be held in Russian and Ukrainian.

The total prize fund is 550 XTZ, which will be distributed among the webinar participants who answered the questions correctly, in proportion to the speed of their correct answers.

It is an excellent opportunity to receive additional knowledge and becoming a webinar participant on November 5 at 6 PM EEST. Registration is via the link. For all questions regarding the training course or participation in the webinar, please, contact us on Telegram.

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