What Tezos and the Stonehenge Have in Common According to TriliTech COO Robin Maxe

What Tezos and the Stonehenge Have in Common According to TriliTech COO Robin Maxe

TriliTech opened in London in early October seeking to be the hub company for Tezos devs and entrepreneurs. The company wants to develop the ecosystem, i.e. improve the protocol, help launch new projects, and train specialists.

We contacted the company’s COO Robin Maxe to find out more about the company’s goals, current tasks, and the reference in their name. It also turned out the company is looking for developers experienced in functional programming as well as other specialists for the Tezos ecosystem.

How come you got involved with Tezos? Did you work with crypto before that?

I come very much from a non-crypto background and hadn’t been involved in any Tezos projects prior to this role. Most recently I come from the fashion industry and prior to this, consumer tech and finance. This is very much in line, however, with the recruitment strategy for TriliTech. Whilst some positions, of course, might benefit from more niche experience, we are generally quite agnostic when it comes to background. We want to catch the very best talent out there with as wide a net as possible.

So, what is TriliTech? Can you tell us about its goals and objectives?

TriliTech is a very logical component of the Tezos ecosystem. The mandate of TriliTech is mainly twofold – (1) core protocol development and (2) technology adoption. On the core development side, we are aiming to further decentralise the participation of protocol development work and increase the speed at which we can develop industry-leading features in the protocol proposals. Being located here in London we are also able to fully benefit from the wealth of talent that exists here. I say this not only in the sense of hiring this talent but more in an extended fashion whereby we can collaborate, incubate and help drive the ecosystem forward in a more holistic manner. Our geographical location is of course also strategically selected for the workaround adoption with London being one of the world’s most important hubs for the industry as well as culture.

Many projects and teams have chosen names with some references (Quipuswap, BakingBad, etc.). Does TriliTech name have any backstory?

The ‘Trili’ in TriliTech comes from the trilithon formation which is a megalithic structure consisting of two upright stone blocks and a third across the top as a lintel. There is of course a certain fairly well-known trilithon formation in our locale here in the UK called Stonehenge. A steady, all enduring, chain-formation of blocks.

Can you tell us about your current team?

Small but growing. We’re hoping to grow to about 50 people in the next 12 months. We are very selective in our hiring though and focus on seasoned professionals with impeccable track records. But we are hiring so please spread the word. Whilst we are very picky and require people with very strong CS fundamentals and functional programming, we are tech stack agnostic in our recruitment and on-board devs to OCaml in the job.

What projects are you working on now?

We are still very young, so a lot of the work currently is around formulating the strategy and plan, whilst of course, entertaining a few live projects. With the dev team still being relatively small, and to an extent still on-boarding, the projects have been somewhat limited in scale. However, our ambition is of course to create a very strong centre of excellence for the ecosystem here at Trilitech and I have no doubt that we will very soon be able to make a real, sustained and transformative impact for Tezos.

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