Buy It Before It Goes Stale: 5 Ways to Find New NFT Collections on Tezos

Buy It Before It Goes Stale: 5 Ways to Find New NFT Collections on Tezos

Disclamer: when trading NFTs, you risk losing money. We found all of the collections below using the methods described and use them as examples, not recommendations. Don't invest more in NFT than you can afford to lose.

One way to make money on NFT is to find fresh collections, mint, or resell the tokens at a higher price The catch is that most users only find out about the collection after flippers start bragging about their profits.

For example, A Bugged Forest is trending right now, selling for 1,500 tez average. In this post, we’ll discuss how we discovered it and where to look for information about new NFT collections on Tezos.

Method 1: Check Markepplaces

At fxhash, there is the Incoming page where you can find collections whose authors are about to start minting.

You can also check the Drop page at Kalamint.

At marketplaces that lack said functionality, you can search for individual tokens that are part of collections. For example, if you enter a two-digit number in the search bar, the marketplace is likely to show tokens from large collections.

You should also visit NFTDrops and ProjectsOnTezos every now and then as they feature upcoming collections.

Method 2: Look for Twitter Tags

Most artists have Twitter accounts where they announce the next collections and remind us about the current ones.

In the article about shilling, we found out that the tags #tezos and #nft can only be used to find offers to buy tokens. To search for collections, you have to use other combinations of tags like the ones below:

  • #tezos #mint;
  • #tezos #whitelist;
  • #tezos #drop;
  • #tezos #generativeart;
  • #tezos #nftproject
  • #tezos #pfp.

That’s how we found Ape Army, Degen Duckz, and a few other collections whose authors haven’t yet started minting.

So, feel free to experiment with tags that look like a call to mint tokens.

Method 3: Subscribe to Sales Bots

A sales bot automatically posts data on large sales at marketplaces in social networks. That’s how we found out that one of A Bugged Forest tokens was bought for 2,300 tez ($3,300 at the time of the deal).

We found two tezos bots for Tezos: Fxhash Sales Bot and TezosArtSales.

They won’t help you be the first to mint tokens but they will make it easier to find artists whose work is valued by collectors. You can subscribe to them and keep track of collection announcements.

Method 4: Curated Marketplaces and Partners

Artists put up full collections straight away at curated marketplaces. Check them out:

Also keep an eye out for news and ecosystem partners. Red Bull, McLaren, Ubisoft, and other non-blockchain companies are also releasing NFTs, which are selling out fast.

Method 5: Join a Community

Every marketplace has a community on Twitter, Discord, or Telegram. Community members are constantly advertising their collections, so you can find something good no matter what.

You can find a list of social networks at Tezos.Art. If you get an Invite link expired error when connecting to Discord from Tezos.Art, go to the marketplace itself and look for a valid link there.

It’s also worth subscribing to the TezosNFT subreddit and various Twitter hubs. Type “tezos nft” into your search bar, select the People tab, and look for the most popular ones.

Just One More Thing

It’s likely that we missed some communities, sites, and collection tracking tools on Tezos whose names don’t hint at a connection to marketplaces or NFTs. If you know of them, contact us via social media and we’ll add them here.

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