How Tezos Is Helping Ukraine in Its Fight

How Tezos Is Helping Ukraine in Its Fight

On February 24, Russia attacked Ukraine and brought 150,000 soldiers into the country. Our people did not surrender and everyone makes their contribution: some take up arms, others deliver food and medicines, while some others take care of their neighbours or help the country financially.

In this post, we’ll tell how the Tezos community helped Ukraine, and what you, tez holders, also can do.

Tezos Stands With Ukraine

Together with Madfish Solutions, we launched Tezos Stands With Ukraine to raise tez for the benefit of the Ukrainian military and civilians. We convert the funds raised into BTC and give them to the Come Back Alive foundation which procures military equipment like bulletproof vests, thermal imaging cameras, reconnaissance drones, protected tablets, and other useful things besides weapons.

Come Back Alive was founded in 2014 at the onset of the conflict in eastern Ukraine. Since then, it has completed thousands of orders for the military and conducted training programs for military doctors and bomb technicians. The foundation now procures food and medicines for Ukrainians who had to flee their homes due to the war.

At the time of publication, Tezos Stands With Ukraine had raised 20,500 tez ($63,000 at the current exchange rate). Help us reach our goal of 300,000 tez!


NFTBiker is an advanced tool for working with NFT on Tezos. It recently added four search categories for tokens that you can purchase to help Ukraine:

  • Support Ukraine: royalties and proceeds from the sale of NFT go to the FXHash smart contract that collects donations. Since its launch, 26,000 tez ($78,000) have been raised;
  • Ukrainian Artists: the page contains tokens by Ukrainian artists who were verified by the major marketplaces on Tezos. Thanks to the support of NFTBiker, the artists received 15 thousand tez ($45,000) so far;
  • ArtForUkraine: tokens by the users DPZ and OrganicMaterial. Funds from their sale go to Ukrainian charities. They’ve raised 5,500 tez ($16,500);
  • Photez for Ukraine: a selection of NFT photos worth 1-5 tez each, with proceeds going to the FXHash contract for donations. They’ve collected 410 tez ($1,200) so far.

In total, the NFT-powered initiatives raised 47 thousand tez ($141,000) for the Ukrainians.

Ukrainian Art Bullets Against Russian Tanks

One hundred artists from Ukraine have created a collection of 300 NFTs to support the people in its fight against the invaders. The tokens reflect the artists’ love for their country, their hatred against the occupiers, and showcase the memes like Putler jokes or the famous “Russian warship, go fuck yourself.”

The project distributes the funds among four foundations:

  • “Everyone Can” which supports hospitals and injured old people and children;
  • “Seniors” is one of the first social initiatives to help Ukrainian pensioners;
  • “Hospitallers” are medical volunteers who help war victims;
  • “Army SOS” procures equipment for the military and volunteer warriors (except weapons).

NFT are traded on and cost 15 tez each.

What Tezos Ukraine Does Aside from Their Job

We work on the home front donating money, helping refugees find housing, buying food for our neighbours, delivering medicines, calming down those panicking, and fighting misinformation.

We will persevere. We will win. Glory to Ukraine!

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