What to Play on Tezos? Let’s See

What to Play on Tezos? Let’s See

In 2021, the video game industry earned $180 billion, including $2.6 billion from browser games, while Axie Infinity on Ethereum alone earned $1.3 billion for the year. But what can you play on Tezos?

We tried to find all the cool games that are already running or planned to launch on Tezos.


The first major blockchain game on Tezos about collecting NFT lands, mining, and selling resources. On May 4, the developers of gif.games plan to launch PVP battles and deepen the gameplay.

Tezotopia is built around infinitely generated blocks of land called tezotops. In March 2021, the developers generated the first 300 blocks, and it’s the community that has been creating them ever since.

Each tezotop can generate resources: Unobtanium (UNO), minerals, energy, and vehicles. Resources are needed to build units and participate in battles. To increase resource production, players buy artefacts and place them on blocks.

Tezotopia also has two types of NFT units: diplomats and spies. Diplomats can be used to rent out their units, give their land blocks normal names instead of “block #9001”, or send unused units to mine UNO. Spies are needed for hard tasks like killing diplomats.

Tezotopia is likely to soon turn into the largest 4X-Play2Earn strategy game. Gif.games announced the launch of marketing campaigns aimed at luring Ethereum users to Tezos. Tezotopia will also have collaborations with NFT projects like Ottez to make the game more appealing.


In essence, PixelDebates is a Heathstone in a political setting. The player chooses his or her champion, one of the US Presidents, builds a deck of tactics and rhetorical devices, and tries to drive the opponent’s fortitude to zero using questions.

Unlike other collectable card games, PixelDebates has no separate magic or action points that must be spent to place a card on the table but instead uses the presidential spirit power. If the opponent defends intelligently against all attacks, the attacker will just break down and lose.

The rules of PixelDebates are quite complex: cards have reversible and irreversible effects, and the President’s alignment enhances the effects of certain cards. The audience reacts to the players’ actions and affects their spirit power. Cards have three levels of rarity, on which their effectiveness depends.

PixelDebates is free to play against the computer in Practice mode. To compete against other players and earn PXL tokens, you need to buy one of the epic NFT PixelPOTUS. You can also complete a campaign: defeat computer opponents with pre-made, powerful decks to earn big rewards in PXL.

The developers plan to add more presidents and cards to the game, as well as new campaigns. It seems like Tezos will soon have its Hearthstone counterpart.


Reckless is a game about gladiator duels. Players run around the arena and try to hit each other with axes, which must then be picked up. Each hit takes away one of the gladiator’s limbs and reduces his movement speed, pretty much like with the Black Knight in Monty Python and the Holy Grail. When only the head remains, the next axe hit is the last one.

The game incorporates NFTs but they are used only to customise characters and have no effect on the gameplay.

Emergents TCG

Emergents Trading Card Game is a collectable card game about superheroes and villains developed by former employees of DC Comics, Wizards of the Coast, Valve, as well as professional Magic: the Gathering players.

It looks like the developers will have a serious competitor to popular CCGs on their hands.

First, they focus on gameplay and player experiences rather than Play2Earn mechanics like staking and farming. They imply that users will be more interested in playing Emergents, not come up with strategies to make money.

Second, Emergents will try to minimize users’ visible interaction with the blockchain. New players will get free decks of cards and can play right away, possibly without connecting a wallet. Advanced users will be able to trade cards on marketplaces or in the game itself. Ideally, the experience of buying Emergents cards for tez will be no different than buying boosters with some crystals in mobile games.

What We Noticed

Tezotopia is the oldest of the projects reviewed here. To start playing, the user has to buy a tezotop and then spend money on transactions and necessary items.

PixelDebates and Reckless are free to play: you only need to connect a wallet to identify the player. According to the FAQ, Emergents will also be playable without forced purchases. This is important for the popularization of blockchain games: after all, not everyone is willing to buy NFT just to try the game.

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