Emergents Reviewed: The Best Trading Card Game on Tezos

Emergents Reviewed: The Best Trading Card Game on Tezos

We've been following the development of the collectable card game Emergents for a long time, watching the streams and reading the comics. It finally entered the public beta stage, and we managed to play about 50 times.

Short verdict: the best game on Tezos! We tell you about the main features, mechanics, and things that TCG players care about: card purchases.

Briefly on Interpop and Emergents

Interpop is a subsidiary of TQ Tezos, which is building a fan community in the digital space. It employs people from DC Comics, game developers, and professional Magic: The Gathering players. Together they’ve created the superhero universe of Emergents, released over a hundred comics about them, and developed the Emergents collectable card game.

Comics with the Emergents’ backstories and key characters can be read for free. The rest have to be purchased for dollars or tez. You can also buy cards for Emergents and Verses (the game that has our beloved Tod in it) on the MinterPop Marketplace.

Gameplay Features in Emergents

Emergents has a nice training mode, plus you can play with bots, but one can more or less understand how to play and win only after 10 or even 20 games. Here is our experience:

The core gameplay is similar to most TCGs: two players take turns laying out cards on the field and attacking each other. Whoever runs out of lives first loses. But attacks, energy, and even decks work a little differently than in your usual TCG.

Let’s start with the cards and decks. There are 69 cards available in the beta:

  • 43 characters that you can put on the table, attack others, or defend.
  • There are 26 actions you can use to enhance your characters, attack enemies, or otherwise affect the game;

The characters have five characteristics:

  • cost in regular energy (green hexagon);
  • cost in power (hexagon with a symbol);
  • attack value in the bottom left corner;
  • life score in the bottom right corner;
  • a special skill like revealing a random enemy card, damaging a chosen card, or increasing the chance of a successful Wildcard. There are also characters without skills.

Characters are formally divided into factions based on the type of power required to cast them:

  • blue – Strongarm;
  • red – Sculptor;
  • purple – Acolyte;
  • yellow – Non-Stop;
  • gray – Tinkerer.

The deck can consist of any cards, regardless of their faction. In the beta there is no limit on the size of the deck and the number of copies: you can take 40 copies of the cheapest cards and try to play that way.

However, 40 copies won’t work because the mechanics of combat won’t allow you to win with a cheap deck. Characters that survive the battle regenerate all of their health. Six cards with just 1 attack point can’t beat one character with 7 health points at all.

Emergents has one more feature: the Wildcard system. In the interface, it is displayed as a transparent cube with a percentage count on the left-hand side of the interface. The player can drag any card onto it and play it with a specified probability next to the cube without spending any energy or power. If unlucky, the card is discarded, and the probability of success of the next Wildcard attempt increases by 10%.

How to Play

The game begins with both players drawing five random cards from their decks and receiving one unit of energy and power each. Then both players take turns going through phases:

  1. Replenishment – the player recovers energy and strength. With each round, one receives +1 for energy replenishment and +1 for power replenishment for the faction whose card is at the top of the deck. Sometimes the game offers a player a choice of which power replenishment to improve.
  2. Recruiting – the player puts characters on the field and plays actions;
  3. Plan of attack – the player chooses the cards to attack. At the same time, they can not choose the target themselves, if it is not in the description.
  4. Before Block – the player sees what the opponent is going to do, and can play action cards in response.
  5. Block – the player chooses which characters to intercept the opponent’s attacks with. A character ordered to attack cannot block in the current round. If the attacking character is not intercepted, they will hit the player and take some of its life points.

The key to winning is to accumulate enough energy to play one of the best characters and then build the game around its skills. For example, if you play Alois Zeroth, you will no longer be able to draw cards from the deck but you will get a random powerful character from Genesis Squad with each replenishment.

In general, in order to fully understand the mechanics and begin to meaningfully build an attack and defense, you need to play at least a dozen games. The developers have made 5 decks with three factions each, so you can experiment with them, look for the best combos and make a deck on your own.

NFT in Emergents

On the Minterpop Marketplace, you can buy alternate skins for free cards. To get new cards, you have to buy boosters that include random cards, player avatars, and access to the comics.

Interpop promises not to change the balance of the old cards. Given that the deck size is not yet limited, and any faction cards are available, players with free cards will be able to play against NFT owners. So let’s keep playing, customize decks, and wait for the full release!

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