Tezos Block Explorers and Baker Rating Tools Overview

Tezos Block Explorers and Baker Rating Tools Overview

In this article, we are going to talk about block explorers and baker rating tools.

What is a block explorer? In its simplest form, a block explorer is a tool that people use to view all cryptocurrency transactions online. Specifically, it allows users to view all current and past transactions on the blockchain. It gives the user information on the blockchain’s staking amounts (for proof of stake protocols) or hashrate (for proof of work protocols). It also tells users the rate of transaction growth and provides other useful information like transaction amounts and smart contract data.

In other words, a block explorer is an online blockchain browser that reveals the data of individual blocks and transactions. With this tool, users can monitor transaction histories and balances of addresses without relying on an end user for verification of such information.

For the Tezos blockchain, there are many block explorers in existence and working properly. It comes down to user preferences in which block explorer they choose to use. Here is a list of block explorers that extrapolate Tezos blockchain data.
The article is available in Ukrainian and Russian.

TezTracker: https://teztracker.everstake.one/mainnet

TezTracker is made by one of the most trusted bakers in the Tezos community, Everstake. Their Tezos block explorer is one of the fastest block explorers and is constantly improving like all the other block explorers. Their block explorer provides users with constant live data of the Tezos blockchain and includes the ability to see data on the testnet of Tezos blockchain.

Tzkt.io: https://tzkt.io/

TzKT is one of the up and coming favorite block explorer for all Tezos users. Made by one of the favorite dev teams in Tezos, Baking-Bad, the block explorer has many functions. It has a simple block explorer that is denominated by their fan favorite cat icons. Their block explorer is also one of the only Tezos block explorers that provide users data and information in terms of the errors they’re receiving from interacting with the Tezos blockchain. This block explorer has many functions and is only improving over time.

TzStats: https://tzstats.com/

One of the most widely used Tezos block explorer. Tzstats provides users with a normal and dark mode for viewing and exploring data on the Tezos blockchain. On June 30, 2020, the developers of Tzstats provided users with the 2nd iteration of their block explorer with more development in the works.

Tezblock.io: https://tezblock.io/

Another favorite block explorer used by many Tezos fans, tezblock is a simple block explorer that provides Tezos blockchain data. This block explorer is made by AirGap, the same team that has developed the AirGap mobile wallet that supports storing and delegating Tezos.

Tezos.id: http://tezos.id/

Tezos.id is another popular Tezos block explorer used by Tezos fans. Their block explorer has a simple interface and allows users to create an account with their email address to track specific addresses.

Arronax: https://arronax.io/tezos/mainnet/blocks

Arronax is made by the same team that created the Galleon Wallet, Cryptonomic. Their simple block explorer was one of the first Tezos block explorers that allowed users to look at smart contract data being deployed on the Tezos blockchain.

Baker Rating Tools:

One of the most common questions for newcomers into the Tezos ecosystem is how do they pick out a good baker? There are three tools that newcomers should use when evaluating what baker to delegate to. The three baker rating services that service the Tezos ecosystem are: Baking-bad, MyTezosBaker, and Tezos-Nodes. Each baker rating website have their own metrics in evaluating bakers and so it would be wise to compare the data on bakers using all three baker rating services. Another quick tip is to make sure to look at the baker’s capacity in terms of their bakery as over-delegated bakers typically do not pay out to those who delegated to that baker that put them over their baker capacity.

Baking-bad.org: https://baking-bad.org/

Baking-bad is one of the favorite websites used by the Tezos community members in searching our baker statistics and reliability. They are also the creators of tzkt.io. What is unique about their baker rating website is that they allow delegates to enter their Tezos address into their ratings website and view if their baker owes them rewards or not based on the baker’s payout policies. It also allows delegates to view when and how many Tezos they will get paid out cycle by cycle. On top of all of this, the website allows bakers to set their fee policy structures and view delegate payouts. The devs from baking-bad even created a short video to explain to newcomers on how to choose a reliable baker. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6fnd5VMz7NQ

Tezos-Nodes: https://tezos-nodes.com/

Tezos-Nodes is another favorite baker rating website that Tezos community members enjoy using. They have a very simplistic website that explains each of their metric they use including the baker’s respective fee structure. They also have a rewards calculator that allows users to estimate how many rewards they can expect to receive based on their delegated amount. What makes this rating website unique is they even created mobile app that supports Android and iOS where users can view the same data that’s provided by their website.

MyTezosBaker: https://mytezosbaker.com/

MyTezosBaker was the very first baker rating websites in the Tezos ecosystem. Their baker rating website is very simple as it list public bakers, their payout fee structure, and the country of origin for that baking service. They also offer a rewards calculator that helps users get an estimate of how many rewards they might expect to receive based on their delegated amount.

Bakendorse: https://bakendorse.com/#/cycles/249/projected_stats

This website is more for bakers, but they do include their own baker ratings. This website allows bakers to see their bakery statistics cycle by cycle including the cycles the respective bakery was chosen to endorse and bake blocks. It’s a very simplistic website that gives very simple statistics in an easily digestible way, however, it is mainly used by bakers as opposed to delegates.


This is a non-exhaustive list of all the block explorers in the Tezos ecosystem including baker-rating websites. A word to the wise is to always double check the data that is being show on the various websites and then come to a conclusion. We hope you enjoyed Part 2 of the Tezos ecosystem overview with more to come in Part 3.

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