news,tezos-ukraine - 25.05.2021

All Applications for Tezos Ukraine’s Startup Incubator for Beginner Devs Submitted

We have accepted over 230 applications from those willing to participate in our startup incubator for blockchain devs.

Following the interviews scheduled for late May, we will select a team of 4 people to implement the pilot project, including Frontend, Backend, Smart Contract, and DevOps specialists. The interview will consist of a test task and a technical discussion with mentors.

The accelerator program will start in June and end in November 2021, and incorporate four phases:

  • Theory. Fundamentals of blockchain development on Tezos.
  • Pool. Performing test tasks under the supervision of mentors.
  • Sandbox. The team works independently on a mini-project.
  • Practice run. The team works on a real project in a real company.

The accelerator’s members will get monthly grants, and for the duration of the program have a MacBook Pro each.

Eventually, we will present the accelerator graduates as a participant in Tezos Blockchain Hackathon 2022.

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