Five Tezos Projects Only Kukai and Naan Users Might Know About

Five Tezos Projects Only Kukai and Naan Users Might Know About

Every NFT marketplace has a Trending tab with the works that are the most popular at the moment and an Explore tab for viewing all the works in a row. Kukai and Naan wallets have them, too.

Today we’ll talk about projects on Tezos that we learned of thanks to the wallets: Gap Threads, Mooncakes, Verses, 8bidou, and PixelPower.

Gap Threads

Gap Threads is an NFT project featuring the artist Demit Omfroy. The idea is simple: a collector buys 4 regular and 2 rare Gap x demit tokens, creates one special NFT from them, and gets access to epic NFTs and a chance to win GAP brand items.

Tokens can be purchased on the Gap Threads website for tez or with a bank card, as well as on On the site, the cost is fixed: 2 tez for a regular, 8 tez for a rare, and 50 tez for an epic. All in all, the opportunity to get the merch costs 74 tez.


Mooncakes is a Kukai project that introduces users to the Tezos protocol and its capabilities through quests. For example, the current challenge is related to liquidity baking. The user connects a wallet, exchanges tez for tzBTC via the Sirius DEX and receives a random Mooncake NFT as a reward.

Mooncakes can be used to perform challenges and get rarer tokens. For example, in the Elemental Challenge, you need to freeze five cakes of the same colour with different elements for a secret reward.

If you don’t have enough mooncakes, there are frequent giveaways on the Mooncakes discord. You can also buy them from the built-in market or on In total, Mooncakes is a fun way to explore the many things you can do on Tezos while discovering a world of NFTs.


Verses is a collectable card game with an unusual visual style. Just look at Tod.

The site doesn’t specify how the game itself will look and play, but judging by the screenshots, it will be something like Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales with more dynamic battles and puzzles. The developers plan to release a public demo in November.

For now, you can buy the first cards (from 50 tez), take a test and learn your Verse, and learn more about the lore of the Verses world in the archive. If you are interested in this world, we suggest you start with the latter. The team didn’t skimp on writing: the story of Tod is three times longer than this article.


8bidou is a marketplace for pixel art, a missing link between the ASCII-art marketplace Typed and conventional digital art. It sells works of 8×8 and 24×24 pixels. And it’s more than possible to make minimalist and impressive drawings with those restrictions.

The project is Japanese, so the original interface may confuse some. If that’s the case, use the alternatives: 8bidou x TezTok or ui.8bidou.

According to TzKT, the trading volume on the marketplace is small: 461 tez in July. This is likely due to the fact that most authors sell their works for less than 1 tez.


PixelPower is an NFT project from the creator of the PixelPotus collection and the game PixelDebates. Users collect weapon cards, upgrade them to new levels, and increase their firepower rating. NFTs can be minted on the game’s website or purchased at

In addition to the NFTs themselves, you have to buy a PXL token to pay a fee for combining tokens (or, roughly speaking, to pay a commission). PixelPower distributes 50% of these funds to the 10% of collectors with the highest firepower. It’s a very fine example of merging DeFi and NFT.

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