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About Us

Who we are

Tezos Ukraine is a non-profit organization run by Ukrainian blockchain enthusiasts and industry experts. Our mission is to facilitate and expedite the growth and enhancement of Tezos network in Ukraine and the CIS area.



We plan our activity comprehensively
in several directions at the same time:

Educational program

Conducting regular online and offline courses will attract more developers to the ecosystem and promote Tezos within the local community.

Media support & content creation

Raising awareness about capabilities and advantages of Tezos network through.

Community building

Hosting regular meetups and hackathons. Running a representative office in Unit City.

Business development

Connecting businesses and development teams in Eastern Europe.Exchange of opportunities between Tezos Ukraine and appropriate organizations within the Tezos ecosystem.

Goals & plans

To lobby the project with NBU tokenizing the national currency.

Create a base of developers interested in using Tezos.

Create a base of companies interested in using/building on Tezos.

Together with partners from the Tezos community develop a training program in Russian, applicable to any location.

Develop an online training course in the local language and conduct it on a free online resource.

Identify experienced developers and teams, facilitate their integration into the Tezos ecosystem.

Develop and implement a communication strategy aimed at building a sustainable Tezos community in Ukraine.

Create a number of online support resources for Tezos developers.

Our team

Behind the scenes

Mihai Tsybuliak

Mihai has an entrepreneurial background, he founded Trident Energy, a renewable energy firm which constructs and operates its own industrial solar parks in Ukraine since 2016. He also founded Bake’n’Rolls a Tezos Delegation Service. Being a long standing Tezos community member since the fundraiser, Mihai is actively taking part in building and expanding Tezos community globally. Focusing on the formation of sustainable Tezos community in Ukraine, Mihai sees prospects for the creation of single Tezos space in Eastern Europe. Within Tezos Ukraine, Mihai will be responsible for strategic planning, overall project management, evaluation of the achieved results and control of use of grant funds.

Sergey Vasylchuk

Sergey, software engineer, with 15 years of experience, founder of blockchain-focused IT company. During the last 10 years, Sergey has been engaged in business development in IT industry, he has dozens of implemented blockchain projects around the world. Sergey was the author of an idea and a partner in National Bank of Ukraine project on tokenization of the national currency of Ukraine. Within Tezos Ukraine, Sergey's role will be to develop and coordinate a business strategy for the application of Tezos blockchain technology in the real economy.

Natalia Shevchenko
Project manager

Natalia has many years of experience in managing international programs specializing in technical assistance and charity. Her area of responsibility is related to research, analysis, business planning, financial management, HR and customer relations. At Tezos Ukraine, Natalia will be responsible for coordinating and managing the project, financial planning, tracking and measuring the results, analyzing the dynamics of the project development.

Vitalii Parkhomenko
Project manager

Vit worked as a BA for big enterprise projects providing support and expertise from discovery phase to successful completion. Has extensive knowledge of Business Analysis, Customer Relations and Project Management. As a PM Vit will oversee projects that focus on developing blockchain tools. His main responsibilities will be: development of project roadmaps, creation of performance and success criteria, overseeing of budgets and deadlines.

Sabrina Korablova
Event manager

Worked on the management of daily accounting operations and provided the backup of processes at Everstake. She has considerable experience in conducting various IT-events in Kyiv and other cities of Eastern Europe. At Tezos Ukraine, Sabrina will be responsible for planning and conducting events, organization of business trips, conferences and other events.


Our organization is deeply committed to supporting the Tezos network by developing a variety of useful analytics tools and extending public infrastructure that boosts Tezos technology mass adoption.

We always try to follow and implement the best industry practices in all things. Thereby, our customer support department works solely in-house, providing almost immediate assistance when critical problems occur. A team of our experienced DevOps engineers works around the clock, ensuring that all systems are up and running smoothly.

By leveraging backup power supplies, a fully redundant network, RAID disk towers and backups, monitoring and alerting systems, we deliver high uptime and complete reliability without a single point of failure. Soon we are planning to open public access to our monitoring tools for Tezos mainnet.

  • https://mainnet.tezos.org.ua (Carthage mainnet)- a secure load balancer endpoint deployed on 4 archive full nodes as backends for improved redundancy with all connections routed through the https.

  • https://carthagenet.tezos.org.ua(Carthage testnet) - a secure load balancer endpoint deployed on 2 archive full nodes as backends for improved redundancy with all connections routed through the CloudFlare.

  • https://labnet.tezos.org.ua (Labnet testnet) - a secure load balancer endpoint deployed on 2 archive full nodes as backends for improved redundancy with all connections routed through the CloudFlare.

  • https://stats-net.tezos.org.ua - in-depth statistics related to our all infrastructure endpoints, load balancers and backends.

  • https://monitor-net.tezos.org.ua (Grafana/Prometheus) - a monitoring tool that collects and represents basic server metrics, current load, network bandwidth and other.

  • Our servers are physically located in Germany (https://www.hetzner.de) and Ukraine (https://www.colocall.net/uk).

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